Sun’s birthday~ it was initially going to be just us but Sun is busy today (his actual birthday) so his best friend came along and I invited @lavamos (who I still can’t tag??). We got a cake and made bento boxes and met up in Yeouido to enjoy a beautiful day. Then we went to eat in Itaewon at Coreanos where Sun got the free birthday cookie! Then we spent the rest of the day/night in Magpie talking about all kinds of things including relationships, music, and feminism. Sun’s friend didn’t speak a lot of English so lavamos and I felt bad we couldn’t speak Korean enough to converse about this stuff. Nonetheless, through his knowledge and Sun’s help with translating, we had a good time talking and drinking. I was really happy to be able to meet his best friend since he was young.

Also, even though it was his birthday, Sun managed to surprise me. At 8am, I heard someone knocking and trying to come into my apartment. I was still sleeping so I was slightly disoriented and terrified. When the door opened, in comes Sun haha. We got to spend the morning together before meeting our friends so that was nice and probably the best part of my day~

Happy Birthday dichaelscott!! I hope you enjoyed your early birthday celebration.

Dannielle’s Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Fling 

Hi, guess what? It’s almost summer and you’re tryna fling and i’m tryna help you do that right. 

Here you go… 

1. Eat a different iced / frozen treat everyday. This is a challenge because you’ll have to invent some, I’m sure. 

2. Outdoor movies. DRIVE INS STILL EXIST. Go to them. Or movies in the park, movies in the cemetary, movies in the high school parking lot, have your own movie night on the roof. MOVIES.OUT.SIDE.

3. Sporty Vehicles. This could mean a lot of things. Go-carts, dirt bikes, motorcycles, those weird little butt bicycles with arm pedals. There are so many options for not-every-day-use-vehicles that you should be trying out with the boo you’re kissing for 90 days or less.

4. Fancy Night. Take one night to go all the fuck out. Collect your change and loose dollar bills over the course of the summer and splurge on one night at the end of your hoorah. Go fancy. Look Good. Feel Good. Feel Each Other. 

5. Camping. You should go camping. Come on. Peeing in the woods, potential to be eaten by bears. Roasting marshmallows. Go camping. 

6. Glamping. Find a cheap one-night Air-B-N-B that is, like, 45 minutes away from your hometown and get away. Go out in the middle of nowhere and drink beers or smoke weed or read poetry, whatever gets you high (on life). You’re in the middle of nowhere, but with all the necessary amenities! 

7. Dumpster Picnic. This might be illegal, but grocery stores have to throw out food right on the expiration date and that shit is still good to eat. Go dumpster dive and make a picnic! PRAYERS OUT YOU’RE NOT ARRESTED. 

8. Mystery Picnic. Don’t tell each other what you’re bringing and just say “you bring two things, i’ll bring two things” … THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TEST FOR WHETHER OR NOT YOU WOULD WORK IN NON-FLING LIFE. 

9. Muddin. Okay, this is a southern thing, I think. But running around, driving around, biking around in the dirt / mud can actually be really fun. And then you’re dirty and you have to wash off in the creek and you get to make out all muddy. 

10. Get Married. IDK IT SEEMS FUN?! VEGAS, BABY!

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