3, owned and maintained by T. Michael Keesey, is an amazing website whose goal is to accumulate as many reusable silhouette images as possible of every organism on planet Earth. These images can be submitted by anyone and are free for anyone to use on presentations, projects, and artworks with appropriate credit.

But the really cool thing about Phylopic is its phylogenetic database. Its Python-based framework stores accurate phylogenetic data for every organism, so you can view a full phylogeny for any organism as many levels back as you want. As long as images are available for the taxa you’re searching, this can result in beautiful evolutionary sequences like the one above showing the evolution of Homo sapiens.

This project is incredibly useful to researchers, students, artists and laymen alike, and needs to be supported! The creator is now selling this gorgeous t-shirt (definitely the most accurate “evolutionary sequence” t-shirt available anywhere) in order to cover costs of web hosting. Please considering purchasing one or spread the word!

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There’s this great website called which is a collection of free silhouette images, either public domain or creative commons, depending on the person who submitted it.
Lots of people have been pitching in and we’re at over 2000 images now, but there’s still a whole lot more lifeforms left to do! Think of it as a giant pokédex for real life animals, and you’re helping people too! Anyone can pitch in, if you’ve got some spare animal photos that you have taken yourself, just trace over them as a vector or in a raster format and submit them!
These silhouettes are super useful for all sorts of things, but the main idea is to represent different lifeforms on a phylogenetic tree. Phylopic has some exciting features such as the ability to see the relationship between two organisms in a pictorial fashion.
I really suggest you check it out!