asterismalvixen asked:

you better do a behind the scenes thing for phycon or i'm finna leak your address

— loopyGiggler [LG] began trolling poppinDroppin [PD] at 18:54 —

[06:54] LG: Hey

[06:54] LG: SO

[06:54] LG: UM

[06:54] LG: Just wana give you some heads up

[06:54] PD: BY (|)h() are y()( )?

[06:54] PD: And (|)here did y()( ) get my handle fr()m?

[06:54] LG: That’s besides the point just hear me out

[06:54] PD: Okay?

[06:55] PD: ??? I d()n’t???

[06:55] LG: Alright so, everything up until now is literally not your fault

[06:55] LG: Like

[06:55] LG: It’s really mine

[06:56] LG: I’ma shit mun and you do not deserve to suffer emotionally like this all the time and I wish I could just magically change you but that

[06:56] LG: wouldn’t be the best idea

[06:56] PD: …(|)hat

[06:56] LG: Just

[06:56] LG: You have Saelem

[06:56] LG: You have Elliot

[06:56] LG: Don’t waste your time hating yourself so much

[06:57] PD: I

[06:57] LG: You’re loved so hush

— loopyGiggler [LG] gave up trolling poppinDroppin [PD] at 18:57 —


Pretty sure my moirail is done with me…it’s been a long time without much word heh not sure how i managed to fuck that up but heh oh well..

Guess I’ma just…be alone…

==> Take a deep breath.


im so scared…..i..dont want to be alone anymore…its scary…its so fuckin scary…

shotaw asked:

➹➹phycon➹➹xav➹➹ur new babe


PD: (|)()nder wh() (|)()( )ld take care ()f skipper if I j( )st left…

PD: H()pe my r()ses bl()()m this (|)eek it’s been s() l()ng since I planted them.


PQ: Where did I put my fav0rite pen at again?

PQ: Is silver dead yet? This is the 5th time he’s pr0ven himself t0 be yet an0ther w0rthless waste 0f space 0n this ship. I h0pe s0me0ne 0f m0re use enters s00n…


KS: Hmmm…that lhady at the store said I was cute…I should get her something nice…

KS: Whehres my wallet at…

voguetrolls asked:

5 11 22 33

(( dunno who ya wanted it to so lets go with phycon lol))

5: Coke or Pepsi

PD: M( )()ntain De(|) beca( )se I’m a giant d()( )che.

11: Last time you cried?

PD: Just n( )(|)

22: Nickname people call you

PD: Princess ( )r phyphy

33: Best day of your life

PD: Meeting Kastra.