AU  | GTOP | Downton Abbey → Choi Seung Hyun as Butler and Kwon Ji Yong as His Lordship.

"We don’t have the basis of a servant-master relationship anymore, do we?"

"I’m sorry My Lord, I just can’t."

"But it’s not against the law to hope, is it?"

"Yes, Your Grace. But I just can’t see a happy ending."

"I want to be with you." 

"As you know ,Your Grace, you have my service until Christmas. It was a pleasure to serve you from summer."


FASHION: Phuong My A/W 2013

In her AW13 new collection, Vietnamese designer Phuong My celebrates women’s strength and grace through a variety of sophisticated pieces.

The absolute elegance of the collection originates from a perfect union of luxurious fabrics and audacious forms. Wool silk, opaque organza and silk lace are masterly crafted to create powerful silhouettes whose intensity is hard to forget.

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oooooh my god yes I’ve been sitting on this sketchdump for like two weeks but yes I was brainstorming ideas for Tucker’s wife and this popped up so

anyway her name is Phương or Phuong which is I guess just the Americanized spelling of it but yeah she’s second generation Vietnamese-American and a film critic who meets Tucker in a pretty low point in his life - apparently I had a whole story written out that I completely forgot about until aqua-twin reminded me.  Tucker had just gone through a divorce - clean but still painful - when Phương calls Fentonworks about a ghost attack.  She’s new to town so she still doesn’t know how to feel about ghosts being real but since Danny and Sam are busy with James and the Fentons are busy with other things Tucker volunteers to stake out Phương’s apartment for ghosts.  It turns out to be the ghost of her father and things get resolved decently.  Phương tries to ask Tucker out on a date but they resolve to just be friends for a bit and eventually they end up getting married

she’s got a really sharp wit and humor, her strength coming in her ability to keep a straight face while telling ridiculous jokes.  In fact she keeps a cool persona most all the time but can be emotive with people she’s comfortable with.  She’s very interested in film theory and bonds with Sam over obscure experimental cinematic pieces.  She is not very skilled at anything physical like fighting or weaponry so hanging out with her ends up being a nice little respite from ghost hunting for the gang.

For Phuong My Spring/Summer collection
Photography: Zhang Jingna zemotion
Stylist: Phuong My
Hair: Cash Lawless
Makeup: Tatyana Kharkova
Model: Kwak Ji Young @ Wilhelmina
Set Design: Zhang Jingna, Phuong My
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Haiyin Lin, Demi Chen Follow me! ~ Instagram ~ Tumblr ~ Facebook 
© Zhang Jingna