The Evolution of Craig Tucker- Seasons 3-17

Ok, I’m gonna preface this by saying that you can totally delete the text if you want, I understand haha. I just really wanted the text and photoset together for my blog but I also get that it’s a lot of text and not everyone wants that. This is kinda meant to be an abridged summary of Craig’s existence on the show. He began as a  background character of few words, with the memorable habit of flipping people off. His reputation as a troublemaker got him pushed into a fight with Tweek, and possibly began their friendship. We first got a glimpse of a dorkier Craig when he appeared as a Spaceman Craig in season 4. He gets really into character, but more on that later. Craig later adopted the role as THE rival for the main four, a trait that he’s more subtle about these days, but nevertheless seems to still possess.

Craig had more to do in later seasons, where he apathetically saved the world from giant Guinea creatures and revealed an endearing affinity for silly gossip websites. As someone who has watched the show for a few years now, it’s been a lot of fun to watch Craig slowly develop a more defined and unique personality, as well as spot the consistencies. For example, Craig’s persistent dedication to living as Feldspar the thief is totally reminiscent of his dedication to truly being Spaceman Craig. His newer characteristics, such as his interest in animals and love of monotony, also complement his previously established traits in interesting ways.

So I guess what I’m getting at is that for the little screen time he’s had, Craig is a pretty interesting guy. He’s an interesting combination of dorkiness and apathy, though he has shown to be unafraid of confrontation when he really cares or when he’s determined to outdo somebody. His personality opens up the door to numerous interpretations of his character, and where his character is going, though it can be frustrating to get into his head at times. The evolution of his personality portrayal is a whole different discussion, though it’s amusing to imagine a conversation between fanfic Craig of 2006 with fanfic Craig of 2014. Anyway, that’s my attempt at summarizing Craig, a unique amalgamation of stubbornness, apathy, selective passion and dorkiness with a bit of edge thrown in. I think part of the reason he’s so popular is because a wide range of personalities can relate to some aspect of him and who know what’s in store for him in the coming seasons!