Recently I’ve seen the upstart of a post that is trying to create a more accurate tagging system for the TW fandom, so I said to myself: the Supernatural Fandom needs one, too! We have truly amazing artists who create daily awesome content for every spn lover and they (every single one of us, really) deserve an accurate system. I’m about to quote the creator of the TW post now because I really agree with her: by making this post I’m hoping to raise awareness for these specific character tags so we can all more easily find stuff without having to sift through random posts. If you’re a fanartist, fanauthor, graphic designer, gifmaker – basically anyone creating original content – I hope you consider using these tags when you post your work, because I, and others I’m sure, would love to be able to see the awesome stuff this fandom makes every day much more easily. 

As always, the all-inclusive primary tags will be #spnedit and #spngif and these are always active. Plus: your favorite character/ship isn’t here? Just create the tag using the same logic and message me for anything!

Is there any update on this subject? There is! We are successfully organizing the Spn tagging system and you can find new updates here.

anonymous said:

I am curious about the whole tagging thing. At first I thought tagging was for personal comments that you don't really want to get into the posts when people reblog. But recently found that it is sort of a filing system at which I am failing by not being organized nor consistent. I plan to one day revisit my reblogs to correct them. Is there a reference for people like me who need to learn how to tag properly? BTW I am not an original poster - not having the talent to create gifs, etc.

Oh absolutely, the tag system is great and necessary! I - like a lot of people here on tumblr, fortunately - really like order and organization and without a tagging system there would be none. Of course you can still use it for personal comments (they are always fun to read) but its ‘reason to be’ is to let us navigate through content.

If you want to create a tag page and organize your blog, it’ easy because tags page on our blogs are sort of personal so you can just decide what/who you want to tag. You can see one of mine, for example: I have basic supernatural content but I didn’t tag all the characters and there are a lot of personal settings because I like everything organized this way :3
Also, you can track tags! If you tipe in a tag in the “Search Tumblr” bar or use this url tumblr.com/tagged/WRITEHEREYOURTAG you can then click on the lock on the right side of the page and start tracking the tag (you will be informed when there’s new content about your tag)

If you want to start tagging things correctly, remember this:
- only the first five tags will be tracked, but the rest of them will still be useful for your personal use/the tagging system of your blog and for others, of course
- there is a basic tag for everything and it’s very intuitive. If i want to see Jared Padalecki’s posts, I can just search for his tag Jared Padalecki. But this is just common sense and the beginning of the system.
- There are then specific tags for specific content. They can be abbreviation (the Supernatural fandom uses spn a lot and the Teen Wolf fandom uses tw as a general tag) and a logic: basically, the majority of fandom bloggers use the "edit method". If you’re looking for Dylan O’Brien new content (not just the random mess you’ll find in his basic tag, but real good content) you search for dylanedit. If you’re looking for new teen wolf content made by fanartists, you can search twedit. As you see, you have to use edit to move through new posts. This system usually works in a more specific way, too: spnedit and twedit are general tag for fandom bloggers who create content, but you can also search for a character in particular, like derekedit
- I am super happy to say that the tagging system I proposed to the Spn fandom is working! So check out these tags for our beautiful fandom
- Now there’s triggers: triggers warning is important because content can be dangerous for other people. You can read here if you want or just know that this tag is the most used around here tw: triggerkind (for example, tw: blood)

This isn’t a complete guide, of course, but I still hope it can be useful to you C:

samtaran said:

Ciao, anche io sono italiana quindi vorrei chiederti qualcosa e ne approfitto per usare la mia lingua madre (cosa molto rara su tumblr). Non so se questa è l'apposita sezione per chiedere e in caso di errore mi scuso, ma come fai a mettere nel blog un immagine fissa come quella di Cas e quella dei palloncini nella sezione 'Mine' da cui esce un messaggio? (Non so se mi spiego) Comunque se dovessi rispondermi grazie in anticipo.

Ma certo che ti rispondo, e non c’è nessuna sezione, puoi sempre chiedermi tutto quel che vuoi :3
Si chiamano updates bar. Ne esistono vari tipi, la più comune è quella che scorre dall’alto al basso, ma ci sono anche come quella che esce se clicchi sul solido colorato in alto a sinistra nel blog.

Puoi seguire i suoi tutorial, se vuoi (son quelli che ho usato io, anche se poi ho modificato da me alcuni codici), oppure usare la tag e cercarne altri C: