Above: The original and corrected versions of the photograph released yesterday.


A quick note on “Photoshopped” vs. “Photoshopped”…

Basically everybody using a high-end camera and taking pro-quality, publicity-type photos is going to Photoshop them. You have to do it to tweak image settings and fix little glitches and even to get the file into the right format to share on the web in the first place.

The internet usually uses “Photoshopped” to mean something similar to “faked.” But there’s levels of Photoshopping. You can do basic adjustments, you can do bigger fixes, or you can glue people’s heads on different bodies and add rainbows and unicorns and whatnot.

So what we had yesterday with the missing shoulder was just moderate-level Photoshopping with a small error.

They really dressed Benedict and Martin up and took the photos, then Arwel processed the images in a hurry. Looks like they probably did photos of each actor on their own and Arwel clipped out the two actors in Photoshop and put them together in the composition we got. And he missed fixing an overlap that didn’t disguise a photo edge in the process.

No big deal. These things happen when you’re in a hurry. I’ve definitely done it, but I’m lucky I didn’t have a jillion people looking for any flaw to turn into a conspiracy theory the second an image went live.

And as someone who has been using Photoshop a long time now, none of this #shouldergate business seems the slightest bit suspicious. If that makes any of you feel better.