okayophelia: “loki loves the power of violence. becoming thor’s dog of war is a return to that pure delight and glee - like a weapon you just unleash in the right direction.”


emblem (n.)

a visual object that represents a group, a quality; the concrete symbol of an abstract idea.

weapon (n.)

an instrument or device for use in attack; anything used against an opponent.


BLACK WIDOW: THE RED ROOM; Reprogramming the human mind is a delicate and complex matter. Much has been made of the Department’s scientific endeavors in the years immediately following the war, less has been made of ethical concerns. Detractors in the future will tend to forget that there is nothing unique about Project Winter Soldier, about forming the perfect tool in order to create the perfect state. Aleksander Lukin and Ivan Petrovitch were inspired, like millions of others, by the American they call Captain. To form a more perfect union, we the people understand that sacrifices must be made. For many to live, a few must— 

Finish the sentence; she bites through her cheek. For many to live, a few must
—? For many to live, a few must— for many to live, a few must— 

For many to live.
Finish the sentence. Finish the mission. Finish the sentence. Finish the— 



the avengers as greek mythological figures: tony stark as icarus/daedalus

he’s the inventor and he’s the one who is flying too close to the sun, always always always. he invents and then he dons his invention, ‘the suit and i are one’ - which is why he will not fall, he will never fall because he’d just keep building as he goes on. similarly, all human progress narratives can be applied to this fucker - prometheus, for example. tony stark gives the technology of the gods to the humans (tho he’s upgraded from bombs to tesseract energy) and he gives humans the ability to point at a map and obliterate a city; a wrath that previously only gods in the time of heroes had been able to accomplish, via flood or fire. and his punishment is that humanity will never be enough for him. his punishment is that the eagle picking out his liver is living inside his head, and he’ll never be at peace until humanity reaches the stars.

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the avengers as greek mythological figures: natasha romanoff as aphrodite/helen of troy

a woman so beautiful and so flexible in her beauty that she becomes a goddess on earth, becoming the pinnacle of these men’s dreams, the woman on to which everyone else projects their desire so that she becomes a figure of iconography. and that’s what natasha does, this is how she tricks loki and this is how she tricks the men in the beginning - she gives them what they want to see, she plays into the misogyny of these men. she’s the fragile hypocritical weak mewling woman that loki thinks he’s dealing with and she lets the men think that she’s in over her head, she knows what they want and she gives it to them. she’s willing to play the part of the passive victim, but beneath that she is aphrodite - the architect of beauty, the maker of love. and love and beauty is a dangerous weapon, because you can deflect ares’s sword and you can even outwit athena (but careful of the aftermath) but you can’t cut down your own desires in the best of cases. you want to want, and natasha romanoff, like aphrodite with helen and paris, will deliver that to you, and watch you kill yourself from the inside out.

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the avengers as greek mythological figures: thor and loki as orpheus and eurydice

because you can’t talk about thor without talking about loki. thor is the man who follows loki into the dark, who is desperately, desperately trying to bring his brother back from the edge, despite all the laws of nature; that loki is the agent of chaos and the bringer of the ragnarok, that this is fate, that the dead stay dead. i don’t have a doubt in mind that if he was going to choose, definitively, between the avengers/earth/asgard even and loki, he’d choose loki every time. he’d choose to bring back his shade of a brother over the bounty of the earth, over the sun, over the laws of nature. and the tragic part of it all is that he can’t look at his brother, he can’t look back, because if he looks back then loki is lost. and that’s why he never understands loki fully, because he can’t look at him and see the absolute truth, because the sun cannot ever truly comprehend the dark.

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