There’s the types of love that I haven’t written about yet, like looking at a newborn baby for the first time or watching the stars with the love of your life after 60 years together. Someday I’ll write about that, but for now I can only draw inspiration from what I’m going through which happens to be those feelings of crazy love and toxic relationships that just crash and burn. To be criticized for that? I think it’s unfair.

"I’m probably more supportive of female Rock bands, but I don’t base my appreciation of bands on gender at all, I really don’t care about that. I like the idea of giving girls an idea or the realization that they can actually pick up a guitar and play. I think we’re beyond that now. It’s accepted all over the place, it’s not considered a novelty anymore. It’s always a struggle for women, so I’m really excited about what may happen in Rock ‘n’ Roll, because women haven’t been given a chance to really express themselves fully." - Kurt Cobain.

Photographer: Steve Gullick.