Justin Bieber came to a mountaintop and then did something really bizarre this week on a hike.

The Biebs was roaming Runyon Canyon when he passed a hiker and his wife, who recognized him and said, “Hey Biebs, what’s up?”

So began a 20-minute reflective conversation in which Bieber opined about life, L.A. and fame.

The hiker, Mike Maedke, tells us, as they sat on a bench looking down on the haze of Hollywood, Bieber said, “It’s so chaotic down there.”

Bieber then talked about how much he missed Canada, and then a random woman passed by with her dog. Bieber got down on his knees and played with the mutt.

The conversation continued, as if Bieber had no place to go and no one to talk to. But all good things must come to an end. Two girls came along and started screaming Bieber’s name, so he gave Mike a fist bump and started walking away.

But there was one piece of unfinished business. Mike wanted a pic but wasn’t conversant in the art form, so Biebs taught him how to take a selfie.

Source: TMZ


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