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​I’ve been thinking…

Why don’t we have “official” and crystal clear information about how far along she is?

Early December, she was supposedly 2 months gone (ShowBizSpy article). A month later, pregnancy is confirmed in The Fail, stating she’s “a few months along”. Since the confirmation, press has been playing the “nascent” card or giving vague comments. Except ShowBizSpy, no paper ever “settled on a figure”.

If we stick to 2 months in early December, she should now be at the 4 months mark. She’s reportedly giving birth in early summer, which fits the timeline. Now, when the Oscars come, she should be approx. 4 months and a half, close to 5 months gone. But of course, no one will confirm it. And with her expertise on playing with clothes to either look 3-4 months pregnant or 15 months pregnant, it won’t be hard work for her to entertain the mystery until 23rd February.

Sooooo! Where am I going with this?

Well, if no one knows for sure how far along she is, it will be easier for PR to go down the (fake) miscarriage route after the Oscars. And publish a short and low-profile statement out of the blue in March or April (one can hope).

The fuzzier, the better!

Dear person reading this: don’t you ever harm yourself, do you hear me? I’m telling you, self harm is a goddamn trap and once you start you will never stop. It might seem like the answer to your problems but it’s not. Your demons will not go away, they will come back even stronger and they will haunt you for the rest of your fucking life. So if the blade (or the lighter or whatever else) seems to be calling out your name, know that there are other ways to deal with pain and problems and that not everything is your fault. I’m begging you to reach out to me or anyone else, just DON’T FUCKING DO IT PLEASE. Things will get brighter.
—  Me, right now

Are you fucking kidding me?!???

See, boys and girls, this is a textbook example of what I’m calling ‘hearsay-genesis,’ i.e. how misinformation spreads like a virus until it’s everywhere without anyone questioning its veracity. Because now any publication can refer to her as the director of these two productions because, well, it’s listed on Wikipedia so it must be true. There’s a citation and everything! 

Btw, you sure were mighty quick, EverestXT! I do wonder what motivated you to add this information, which has not been independently verified, so promptly to her page. Also, I commend you on using two different links for your two sources, even though they’re the. exact. same. article. Truly a job well done!

More musings on SH/merits

See, here’s the thing about all of this- I’d be ok with all of the praise and hyperbole if someone somewhere dug up a recording of something she’s directed and it turned out to be groundbreaking or even just really good and new and interesting because it’s always exciting to discover that there’s a new talented artist out there whose work is resonant and means something. 

But no one has, and no one will, because it doesn’t exist. It’s a logical fallacy to assume that, because A is good and B is associated with A, then B automatically must be good, too. And that’s literally what’s happening right now with the press and nannies. 

What I find particularly interesting is that there haven’t been any quotes from either friends or colleagues praising her the way the press does. All of the articles written about her had to have gotten their info from somewhere but it apparently wasn’t from people who know her personally. Even her fiance is only capable of saying things like “She’s a great asset, she’s a tool” when discussing her. So where does this [mis]information come from? 

explainy thingy you can ignore sorry


youknow when people say “haha superwholocks own the internet” or superwholocks say “ehehe we own the internet”


a quote from doctor who if i may? “nobody owns the internet”

i am a superwholock (but also like 3957 more fandoms) and i hate this so so much because let me tell you, in fact, we do not own the internet and shouldn’t say things like that and “haha we’ll get sherlock and sam and all them to hurt you” so like i’m not saying they deserve the hate i just mean i hate when people do that like pls sorry to bust the truth dear but they are fictional (it’s ok i’d love to meet my characters too you’re not alone)

i’m gonna get so much hate for this but thank you for reading/reblogging if you do