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PCA Voting Link

People’s Choice Awards 2015 nominee voting has started. This year, we’re voting Misha Collins as favorite Sci-Fi TV Actor. He’s not pre-nominated but you can write-in his name and if he gets enough votes he’s going to be a nominee in the final round.

We’re voting non-stop, and we’re asking you to do the same, and help us spread the word, because: 

Misha loves us, he truly cares about us and always goes out of his way to make us happy, wouldn’t we like to make him happy?

We’re getting close to the episode 200 of Supernatural, Misha has done so much for the show, yet TPTB didn’t include him in such an important episode. Now, the result of this level of PCA is going to be announced exactly a week before ep200, so it’s a great opportunity for us to show everyone how really important Misha is! 

Misha is too humble, he thinks he’s not worthy, let’s SHOW him how much he means to us.

PCA always overlooks Misha and has NEVER nominated him, but Misha is truly a great actor and he deserves to be nominated! So now that we have a chance to get him nominated like he deserves, we should do our best to use it.

Now, does Misha really have any chance to win this round? 

Remember Zap2it’s Social Media Showdown [March 2014]? Misha wasn’t even nominated by Zap2it (just like now that he’s not nominated by PCA), but we convinced them that he deserved it, we voted until our fingers fell off, but it was all worth it! We won and made him the King Of Social Media! Do you remember his happy thank you tweet? :)

Yes, it is *really* possible for someone who is NOT pre-nominated by PCA to win a PCA! It’s happened before. For instance, in PCA 2012, Nina Dobrev was not pre-nominated (just like now that Misha is not pre-nominated), but her fans wrote her name in, so she got nominated for the final round and she actually ended up winning the favorite TV drama actress’ category!

Russian minions have been voting NON-STOP for Misha! They love Misha so much and are extremely dedicated and active. Whenever we have their support they are such a HUGE asset and we’re much likely to succeed. So let’s unite and do our best!


You just need to write in Misha Collins in the white field and click “Cast Votes”

We don’t have much time, this level of voting ends on October 30!


PCA Voting Link

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There’s so much perfection going on in this picture. jared is clinging onto Misha with the biggest creeper smile ever. Jensen is clinging onto Tara with his grrr I’m tough face. Misha’s smile is honestly the most I’ve ever seen him smile in photo op pictures… And where I’m grabbing is just awesome.