Finally, our internship is overrr! Makakarest na din. After a year of internship, nagsurvive din! Haha. Mamimiss ko magising ng maaga,jk, no more night duties, and temple run everyday para lang hindi malate.  Pero mamimiss ko sila. Lalo na si Stella, kasi babalik na sya ng Kenya. Yuyy! Wag dapat iiyak, dapat happy happy lang. Haha

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This is sad to see but we are all waiting for 2ne1 to slay the music charts again. We want ot4. If rumors are true about 2ne1’s performance in #UltraKorea Blackjacks want to see @haroobommi @_minzy_mz @daraxxi @chaelincl together. ♥

RCC Class of 2002 Reunion!

13 years after, it was a moment of gathering, camaraderie and rekindling of memories. Looking back, we may have change physically but the memories we once held on will always bring us back were we all once met! Thank You Everyone for taking part on this one special event, we surely have something good to add up and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.. Cheers!👍

To God Alone be the Glory!


Oh, my defense of this ship is SO onnnnnn. And I do hope that the writers of this show develop that relationship with justice. Hee. My heart is def fiercely fighting for this yay #TeamYiAn #School2015 (Photo cto)

0502: That-thing-called SepAnx (Separation Anxiety) Talking about random things for a whole weekend. Always had a great time with them kahit minsan lang magkitaKita.. ☺ #friends #HSbarkada #teamSepAnx #incomplete

Photo cto. (at Starbucks, Shell Of Asia - NLEX)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mommy, mom, momma, mama, mamang, ina, inay, nanay out there 😁😁😁
Happy 9th anniversary to @actorleeminho 😍😍😍 #LMHLucky9 (photo not mine cto)