dEUS, 7 Days, 7 Weeks

Basile Pesso-BCN © June 2 014 with Anne Pangolin Guéno-First broadcast June 2 014

My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are with Carmen Alt-Chaplin as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #104

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AP 267 // October 2010 // The State of the Scene #AP30

“What do the music industry and the contemporary punk scene have in common? They’re both in a constant state of flux. This month’s cover story addresses the state of things, from the myths bands buy into to the realities of DIY to what the future is going to sound like. We spoke with up-and-coming acts as Mike Posner, Stereo Skyline and You, Me, And Everyone We Know to learn how they’re operating into the music business’ ever-changing world; checked in with some bands who are making their own rules, such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ok Go and Ace Enders; went forward cautiously and backward fondly with members of Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack and Saves The Day; and checked in with both industry pundits and fans along the way.”

The Days of Yore

Neil Young, Old Man

Basile Pesso-Lisbon © October 2 011

My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are

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Un Amour de Swan

Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Righteous and the Wicked

Basile Pesso-Paris © August 2 012-First broadcast March 2 014

My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are which is stopping if Facebook doesn’t change the fact that more than 99% (!!) of the posts are not visible on the walls (after a few weeks they are just visible if you find them on browsers or if they are uploads, therefore findable on the left column). It means that 8 months of work with a continuum has been quite useless. I think I’m gonna transpose the magazine on another Tumblr but I can’t find all the past posts and post them there. Also, the Facebook shares won’t be possible, as well as the links’ copy-pastes from other platforms like Instagram or Flickr. For all my followers on Facebook, you can therefore open a Tumblr. I don’t know how this new version of the magazine will look like regarding the texts, they are very “inappropriate”, talk of sex, and are very critical towards society and its permanent hypocrisy. I guess it will bring me a good new ol’ bunch of little boycotters or people who will suddenly get away from me ; I may become even more invisible (the reason : no specific talent, of course) than I am here for some famous rebloggers or selectors. Well. We’ll see. I can turn into a sheep if they want. I’m like everyone after all, I’d sell a lot of things to get more famous. Ah no, that’s true, I’m not like that.

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