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I just want to say thank you for writing this blog and for being so committed to caring for people with dementia and Alzheimer's. I hope that everything goes well with grad school applications and finding a new workplace.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!  I haven’t been updating all that much lately because I actually started grad school a semester early and found a new job that I absolutely love (still working with dementia and Alzheimer’s residents).  Hopefully life will keep pushing me in a direction to help out my elders with dementia since it’s something I’m so passionate about.  I guess we’ll see in time if I end up working for the Alzheimer’s Association or something. ;)

eyeslikethenight replied to your photoI need some serious help. Should I cut my hair,…

Get bangs and let it grow out!

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I think just a trim would be great Tassia! I love your hair as it is :)

beiruting replied to your photoI need some serious help. Should I cut my hair,…

Deixa seu cabelo assim! É tão lindo, Tássia…

I’m just confused right now, awww but thank, you girls!


Wanna shoutout to this blog called “Photographs by Miranda;” she left a kind word on one of my photos, and so I went to check out her page. From what I saw, she’s a young lady with a bit of wanderlust and a lot of style, and her About read as such:

22 year old Toronto girl;  student of political science and life;  perpetual fan of The Hip.
My guiding principles are to work hard and be kind.

I’ve had some small adventures and try to remember as much as I can through my photography.

Right on.  If you’ve got a moment, swing by her page — I certainly took some inspiration away.  

Keep on being you!

photographsbymiranda said: 

Is TJ Maxx still a thing in the USA? You might have some luck there. And honestly, as much as I hate Walmart, you might actually be able to find something since its so early in the season.

Those are my next two stops most likely. Marshall’s is the ~fancier~ TJ Maxx (same company!) but they were seriously lacking. They’ve redone the nearby store and it as like 35% less stuff in it! Hopefully the TJ Maxx is a different story. And Walmart is always an option (unfortunately) and considering the seriously slim pickings everywhere else they might have the best selection oddly enough?

I also might try another Target a little further away. Of course I leave for a beach weekend this evening so I’m thinking I’ll just leave this nonsense for later. I hope to go to the beach a little more this summer but who knows.