💙 Lava Bleed by Bruce Omori on 500px
○  864✱1296px-rating:99.0
☀  ”Fresh pahoehoe oozes from beneath the fractured crust of the leading edge of a flow, consuming all in its path..”
    Photographer: Bruce Omori, Hilo, USA

The Walker Building at Milledgeville’s Central State Hospital in Georgia seems to be in rough shape on first glance.  The roof is all but gone from half the building, and what used to protect the building is now a soggy pile of splintered wood lying on the ground.  The paint is pretty much completely fallen from the walls of this hallway, and mostly from the doorframes as well.  And yet, like in many things, it’s hard to judge a book by its cover when dealing with historic abandoned buildings - there was not a single collapsing floor (or even mushy floor), and the bubble level on my tripod combined with the final images told me that the building was level and plumb - an ideal candidate for adaptive reuse.  Sadly, it is unlikely that this will ever happen - but it’s a great example of how equating the safety and viability of an abandoned structure with its appearance is a dangerous road to follow.

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💙 Garnet Glow by Gary Randall on 500px
○  NIKON D3-f/22-2s-20mm-iso100, 639✱960px-rating:99.7
☀  ”The unset above the Sandy River near Mount Hood Oregon. The sunset was affected by the smoke in the sky from the Central Oregon forest fires..”
    Photographer: Gary Randall, Brightwood, United States of America