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Franck Bohbot is a French fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He focuses his artistic research on public spaces, urban landscapes and, more recently, on documentary portraits. His thematics study the relationship between the individual and architecture. Some series study the relationship between fiction and reality.

"I consider myself an observer. I play with what i have in front of me. I like when the viewer appropriate himself a photograph. Sometimes a photograph deliver a message sometimes not. I make pictures with my heart. Photography is moment of solitude, happiness and pain"

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Created in February 2014, it has now been a year since I made these images. While my style and subject of photography has become more refined in the genre of landscapes, the conceptual, yet very real nature of these curious pieces continues to inspire myself to create photographs of fascination and story telling.

Freddie Ardley Photography

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Has the World Completely lost it's Senses?

While in Dubai I discovered an awful new trend that is apparently everywhere, yet unsurprisingly I hadn’t heard of it.

I am referring to something called a ‘selfie stick’ and the name alone makes me feel embarrassed for the human race, I mean why?!? There wasn’t a place I went where there wasn’t someone ridiculously taking a photograph of themselves. 

I just cannot get my head around why so many people have become so narcissistically obsessed with photographing just their own face and to go to such lengths as to buy a stick just for that ghastly purpose.

Am I the only one who sees this as a tragic direction that the world is heading in?

NB: Self portraiture can be and should be a great thing. However it is the egoistic, self obsessed and self image harming aspects of selfies that concern me.