Lucas Levitan (previously) is a London-based Brazilian illustrator.

I work in advertising and I’m an illustrator as well but I never took illustration so seriously. I started this project by illustrating over my own pictures as a way to change the narrative. 

I shared it on Instagram and people startedcommenting asking for me to invade their own photography, and I thought ‘oh, that’s a project that I would love to keep doing!
I call it Photo Invasion as a way to interact with other people’s images. It’s taken me somewhere I really like, creating this unexpected partnership with photographers.

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posted by Margaret.


“Artistic Creativity” to me means being able to feed off of the talent you’ve been given and creating innovative, abstract concepts no matter what the situation presents. This weekend I had the privilege to collaborate on a conceptual photo shoot with two creative minds based in Minnesota. Check them out on Instagram: @il_figlio_d_oro_3 & @kvvadwo .

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