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Simple, right?

Turn your awesome photographs into works of art on canvas, printed to fine-art reproduction standards on our signature gallery-wrapped canvas. 

See you at, where your life becomes your art.

What is a PhotoGiclée?

YPOC makes PhotoGiclées. We live it. We breath it. But some people are just now discovering our company, so we thought it would be good to take a moment, reflect, and talk a little about the product and our process.

First and foremost a PhotoGiclée, put simply, is a print of your digital photograph on stretched, ready to hang canvas. PhotoGiclée is a term we coined and trademarked because it’s an extension of our business for the last twenty plus years. You see, we started as Harvest Productions, one of the very first digital fine art printers in existence. The fine art edition prints we’ve been making all this time were mostly purchased by art collectors, and you can imagine how tough and demanding that customer can be. When we decided to create a consumer direct company to offer photo to canvas printing services, we essentially began offering a high-end art product at factory direct prices. It was a big shift for us and it’s a big shift for the industry. Galleries were once in charge of deciding what you should hang on your walls and call art. But for the first time, and with the help of the proliferation of high-quality digital cameras, YOU now have direct control of your own art. It’s your life … it’s your art.

Those city shots you took on your trip to Madrid? Those beautiful photos taken after the first snow fall of the season? The macro shots of the dinner you cooked for your family? The pictures you took at your sister’s graduation party? These are all perfectly excellent reasons you should be thinking about printing your photography. Of course you can publish them to your Flickr or Facebook pages, and you might even get them printed on glossy photo paper, but to move into gallery-wrapped canvas is to move into the realm of fine art. These are your memories. They’re your stories. The narratives tell people who you are, what you are. And when printed as PhotoGiclées, the very texture and look of the canvas can transform even a simple image into a beautiful work of art.

So how do you get started making your own PhotoGiclée? All you need to do is click the Begin Your Order button and upload your image. We accept .JPG and .TIFF files. Select your canvas size and crop your image. Then checkout. That’s it. We do the rest. A team of talented, experienced, and dedicated print makers will begin working on your order, printing to the same specifications and quality standards we’ve used for decades in the art market. We stretch it on kiln-dried, American pine bars, bag everything up, and ship to you directly via our partner, FedEx. Your art and your memories are ready for cherishing. We’re 100% American made, family owned in Southern California, and we guarantee the product forever. 

Simple, right?

Below are a few shots taken during a recent vacation by our very own resident Visual Artist, Travis Do. They were printed as 16" X 20" PhotoGiclée canvas prints and are now hanging in his office just down the hall.  We encourage you to get out there and start shooting. And we can’t wait to print for you.

Dean Zulich December Update

Dean Zulich has been busy. Really busy. In fact you can read all about it on his blog. He finished out the year with a show at Boom Noodle in Seattle. A show we were happy to collaborate with him on. We printed three of Dean’s images as PhotoGiclée canvas prints. They looked awesome in person, and if they’re still up (and not sold), and you’re in the Seattle area, treat yourself to a bowl of noodles and check out Dean’s killer photography. After Boom Noodle, Dean handled a contract shoot, then headed for Nairobi, Kenya. Seriously. He was visiting a long time friend and had a shoot with Adele Dejak and Magik Grace jewelry collection. If you want to read all about Dean’s recent shenanigans and exploits, check out his December blog entry. Seriously, Dean is one of the best photographers we know and he’s bound for Los Angeles to boot. Stay tuned for more collaborations in 2011.

Photos above by Matthew Larson

Photo:Japan - RW Creative & YPOC

On Friday, May 6th RW Creative in Los Angeles hosted a curated show called Photo:Japan to raise money for tsunami relief efforts, with all proceeds from the fundraising going to Save the Children. Inspired by the photography wall that has developed in Otsuchi Japan, one of the cities hardest hit by the March 11th quake, the event featured images taken by local amateur photographers during their travels to Japan. Small photos printed on photo paper were displayed alongside a bevy of larger-format PhotoGiclées canvas prints that YPOC printed, all in an effort to raise money for this worthy cause. The smaller photos were available for a suggested donation of $5 and the canvas prints were sold via silent auction. And all of it was showcased on a beautiful wall built by J1studio, erected in RW Creative’s new office space on Abbott Kinney Blvd.

The event was held on a famed “1st Friday”, which meant the streets were bustling with people. At one point it looked like the entire LA gourmet food truck scene had showed up at once to feed the thousands of people that were in the area to soak up the culture. In fact, appropriately, Temaki Truck was outside of the gallery space slinging curbside sushi to the hungry masses. A portion of their sales that evening were also donated to Save the Children as part of the event.

By the end of the night, all PhotoGiclées were gone, with a good chunk of them purchased immediately at the Buy It Now price. The best part for us was the fact that many of the photographers who’s work was featured on canvas were only seeing their shots presented this way for the first time that very night. It was a pleasure to see honest reactions by photographers after seeing their work on canvas, a rare treat we don’t normally get to enjoy. Since we ship all of our customer orders factory direct, it was a change of pace to directly interact with the photographers and to get their honest reactions. As I’ve always said, it’s one thing to take a photo … but it’s quite another to see it printed on canvas. These photos in particular, which captured  a nation just before a serious disaster, were powerful when printed on stretched canvas. Some of the images, which could be overlooked on a Flickr or Facebook gallery, were bold and beautiful and entered into the realm of fine art when presented in this gallery setting. That’s probably the reason they sold so swiftly.

One photographer noted, “I’m really impressed, actually. In just looking at the work on canvas, it takes me back to where I was when I originally took that photograph. I remember the sounds of the machines, the boxes crunching, the smell of the fish in the fish mart, how busy and active the bustling scene, and it brings me right back.”

At first the entire wall was covered with beautiful photography, but as the night drew on, and as people continued to buy both the smaller pictures as well as the PhotoGiclées, the wall thinned out. It was great to see the white spaces grow in number because each blank spot meant a donation had been made to Save the Children.

Included below are selected images by Travis Do from the event. We hope you enjoy, and we hope to be involved in more events like this in the future. The team from RW Creative was really stellar in putting all of this together. For our part, we had the luxury of showing up and enjoying the event while talking with a host of great amateur photographers. All credit goes to RW Creative & J1studio for all their heavy lifting.

To create your own PhotoGiclée, click Begin Your Order to start uploading your memories.

New YPOC Puppy Gets The Photo Giclée Treatment

To celebrate the arrival of the newest resident of YPOC, Mekah, we decided to have a little photo shoot in the factory. Justin, our President, was excited enough about his new puppy that he was willing to let us start shooting, even though he’s normally not one to jump in front of a camera. Puppy love will do that, I guess. After we poured through the shots, he selected his favorite and we got to work right away to print it as a 16" x 20" Photo Giclée canvas print. You can see Justin below with his new puppy print, which is of course now hanging in his office next to our Prepress department. 

We print a lot of pet photography, but this was the first we were printing for one of our own. Enjoy the adorable puppy pics, and we hope you’re inspired to shoot and print your own!

Send Us Your Best Shot Part Deux

Remember our ‘Send Us Your Best Shot’ photo contest? Well, it’s time for another one. Welcome to the 'Send Us Your Best Shot Part Deux’

As with the first “Best Shot” contest, there is once again no “theme”.  The sky is the limit. Any subject, any time. Just send us your best work.

We’ll have three winners this time around, as we’ll be rewarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with gift certificates for PhotoGiclée canvas printing. Our judges will blind review all entrants then select three winners to receive the following prizes:

1st Place - $250 Gift Certificate for
2nd Place - $125 Gift Certificate for
3rd Place - $75 Gift Certificate for 

All the fine print you need to know:
1) You must “like” our Facebook page to enter.
2) Subject matter is … anything! Send us your best shot. Whatever that may be. Past or present. Digital photographs and scanned photos alike.
3) All photographs submitted for consideration must be received by 01.31.2011. Submissions can be sent to
4) Winner will be notified by 02.07.2011.
5) Limit one entry per person.
6) We reserve the right to showcase selected photography on as well as on our Facebook page, blog, and Flickr Photostream.

So get out there and shoot. Or just rummage around your hard drive for the best photo on record.

Just to remind you, here is the winner of our first “Best Shot” contest, the entry by Kristin. The question, who can beat it? Or will she win again? 

Stay tuned to find out, and get those entries to!