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Love the artistic feel achieved by tilt-shift or Lensbaby lens? Love Macro? Not yet ready to commit to new lenses? You need to try out some freelensing!  It’s a technique where you detach your lens (50mm +) from your camera and flip-it backwards or tilt the lens (we refer to this technique as Bacro over at PhotogHer – …

Donald Schwartz's insight:

You can also try putting concave, hand-held lenses in front of the your existing lens. And then there’s attachable bellows…

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Our upline brought in make up artist, hair stylist and photoghers for professional headshots. Then trained us and prayed with us. I am on such a great team! I love the one team one mission concept….we all win!!


"Looking For Eyes" - Umberto Verdoliva

While I was researching some photographers for my project I came across a website that was dedicated to a few street photoghers. On this website there was a section specifically for projects but these photographers.

Looking For Eyes was the most interesting of these in my opinion and I felt inspired to do something like it for my project. However, I found that Hatfield isn’t a very busy place and getting dense crowds like these would be very difficult.

From what I gather from these images the photographer selected his subjects by standing in the crowd and photographing whoever caught his eye by looking at him or into the lense. I find this to be a very interesting why of photographing because the attention is instantly drawn to the subject whether they’re in the foreground or the background.

I wanted to do my project like this to try to avoid making it too similar to HONY- which is a blog that photographs people on the street to get their story.