bad cat feelings

Max has been off since Saturday in terms of his litter box habits, it’s taking him multiple trips to finish urinating, he’s leaving weird stuff behind wherever he’s been laying. He seems to have forgone his post-litter feline self cleaning ritual, so litter is literally everywhere in the apartment.

Len and I took him to the vet today and he was incontinent both on the way there and back. He’s never peed himself since we’ve had him.

So we’re waiting on blood and urine culture results to see what’s going on with him, feline diabetes being a major concern.

I just have a bad feeling about my Max and his health but that is probably just how I’m coping in my worry. 

He seems off but he’s still a mostly positive purring cat and doesn’t appear to be in pain, at least.



I’ll update later but in the mean time here is an older pic of his beautiful eyes that I just randomly found on my computer.

022. The Warren family (including Bridgette) went to New York a few summers ago. While they were there they saw Wicked on Broadway. By the time Elphaba was singing Defying Gravity Max, Mia, and Bridgette were all sobbing hysterically. They all agreed never to speak of it again.