Rye Harbour images up on photo4me

Shameless self promotion alert! After having been back from Rye Harbour for over a week now, I’ve finally uploaded a batch of images that IMHO are suitable for prints onto photo4me - here they are: http://www.photo4me.com/daveamis

There may be a few more to come as I review and re-review what I shot in the few days I was down on the coast. As I don’t like to rush this kind of thing, it may well be a week or two before any more images go up…

Now I’ve got to this stage, I can start thinking about new photography instead of agonising over what I’ve already shot…

It was only a test shot!

I’m not sure what the criteria for claiming an image has gone viral is but at 121 notes (and still counting) at 21.00BST on 2nd September, this one appears to be doing just that - http://daveamis.tumblr.com/post/95020845305/it-doesnt-take-long-for-nature-to-take-over-even The weird part is that this really was just a test shot on a pocket camera at a location I plan to come back to later on in the autumn with a better quality camera to capture something that I’ll be truly happy with as a creative piece of work. Suffice to say, while I might put a few teasers up here, anything I deem sellable as a print will not be on here but will be in my photo4me portfolio!

Looking at the image, it’s clear to me that the gothic nature of the subject matter is the reason for the numerous re-blogs and likes rather than the creative quality of the image which to be honest, is nowhere near being one of my best. Anyway, having said that, I am flattered that so many people have deemed this image suitable for re-blogging and appreciate the interest…

Yes, I know that the image has been ‘given away’ to the internet at large and that I’ve surrendered any vestige of copyright that might have been attached to it.The point is that I don’t put up all of the images I shoot on here - if I think it has any commercial potential it’ll be on my fotoLIBRA or photo4me portfolios. I put up images on here knowing that they could well be re-blogged and occasionally go viral - that’s the nature of Tumblr. The thing is that I see an image going viral as free advertising - at the stage I’m at with my photography, that is more than welcome:)