Death of a Broom (Phoom (PhilxBroom) fanfiction)

Phil smiled lovingly as he brushed his lover’s wild mane of hair. It was short and spikey, slightly frizzy at the ends and wavy in some places, but Phil loved it. He loved everything about them. A smile slowly spread across his face as he pulled them closer, their spindly limbs coming to rest against his body.

His partner remained rigid, locked in Phil’s tranquil gaze. Blue lakes slid calmly into golden pools of melted fudge and chocolate as their eyes met.

"You remind me of a hammer-head shark," Phil murmured huskily, getting almost as hard as his lover, blushing slightly. He knew how they felt about compliments, yet he continued to give them anyway. He shifted his weight slightly, feeling them lean against his shoulder as he knelt down to tie his shoelace.

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She Swept Me Off My Feet (A Phoom Fanfic)

It was the third day that Dan had been gone. He was visiting his parents for a week and I was lonely.
Usually, I spent my days on the internet or hanging out with Dan, gaming or watching TV. But as of late, I was in a funk.
I had just turned 26, and it was quickly becoming more and more worrisome for me to think about my future. I loved YouTube, but I certainly couldn’t rely on it as my only source of income indefinitely.
I got out of bed (well, more like fell) and went into the kitchen to get some juice and cereal.
To my dismay, I stubbed my toe on the fridge door and spilled the cereal all over the floor.
“Crap,” I muttered. I walked over to the closet to get a broom.
I opened the door and did a double take. The minature broom and dustpan that I was accustomed to had vanished, replaced by the…sexiest…push broom I had ever seen.
Immediately, the cereal was forgotten; I dropped my juice and ignored the shattered glass. I grabbed the broom, holding her sensually in my arms.
“You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid eyes on,” I murmured.
I took her to my room. We sat on the bed, and she fell asleep in my arms. We cuddled for hours, as I whispered to her, “You are my everything.”


"Phoom." he repeats with amusement. Funny little word from a funny little man. "Remind me to keep you away from all of my possessions." he mutters, sauntering alongside the elf on their quest to apparently nowhere, though perhaps an airing cupboard."Airing cupboard is one thing but how about a barrel that way they can pop the lid on and roll you away somewhere…" he trails off, “which would a cruel fucking thing to do.” ahem, awkward. 


"Remind me again where we’re supposed to be going…" 



"Please never converse with them. Ever. Even to say ‘hello.’ Just don’t.” Asshole. Definitely a nobleman. Oh, he was going to find some belongings later and make Wally regret that. 

We are going to find you a better cover story than” and this followed by a low, dumb, interesting imitation of Wally’s voice “‘I gotta visit my cousin and give her a dress, what what.’” Mac shook his head. "I’m thinking if we say you work for the carta or another group like that, no one’ll look twice. That’s what you want."

Graft buster rejects attorney’s request for more questioning before indicting Yingluck - and more on

NACC secretary-gener Sansern Poljiak said he personally saw no need to have the NACC to question more witnesses regarding the G-to-G rice deal with China as the rice deal was not in the issue which it indicted Ms Yingluck and was not contained in its file case. He said the NACC merely indicted her for negligence of duties when she showed no intention to stop damages caused by her rice-pledging scheme. In fact the G-to-G rice deal is in another different case file which the NACC is investigating to indict the former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapirom, and his deputy Phoom Sarapol, he said. He cast doubt on the OAG’s motive in seeking more questioning on which issue in the rice deal it wanted the NACC to investigate He insisted that NACC will stand firm on its stance that it has completed questioning of all witnesses and investigated all evidences. But if the OAG insisted that the NACC questions more on the rice deal, it would not do so because the deal was not in its case file. The NACC spokesman went on saying that the latest action of the OAG indicated uncertainty if it would prosecute Ms Yingluck under the NACC’s request. He said if the OAG stands firm on its position while the NACC also has a clear stand on the case, then both sides had come to a deadlock. He said both sides will meet again next time to find a conclusion to it but has not yet scheduled the date to meet. (Photo : Thai PBS File) The post Graft buster rejects attorney’s request for more questioning before indicting Yingluck appeared first on Thai PBS English News.
Graft buster rejects attorney’s request for more questioning before indicting Yingluck

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