It’s partly a matter of the strongly noir-ish overtones to the Murdochs’ performances in front of the select committee on Tuesday, with James’s eerie mid-Atlantic/Pacific voice giving him the air of an Australian actor channelling Kevin Spacey as a serial killer, and Rupert evoking John Huston in Chinatown by way of Clive James.


If they make a movie of the scene, perhaps Jack Nicholson could capture the glowering menace and dark comedy of some of the older Mr Murdoch’s lines…James Murdoch (smart suit, soft American accent, a lawyerly manner—Tom Cruise to his father’s Jack Nicholson)…


So, is this NSA thing gonna be another internet trend that we see a lot of memes and statuses about for a week and then the news stops talking about it so we forget about it?

We really need to do something about this. We’re practically living in Orwell’s 1984. If they’re monitoring our calls, how long before they’re installing telescreens in our home. and the police become Thought Police?

They’re already publicly defending themselves, and saying that they’re doing it for our own good. We need to show them that we may not be in government, but we can still take care of ourselves. It is NEVER necessary to eavesdrop on private conversations under the pretense of protection. It’s perverse, disgusting, and unconstitutional.


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Imagine my wide unblinking eyes as I say this and the imagine never breaking eye contact until death. But no really this show doesn’t do anything special other than having some decent forethought and really lovable characters

if I had an actually demanding job and wanted to relax after it, friends would be a good choice, but given my status in society as a prick with a lot of free time I don’t feel the need. i don’t need to unwind, i need to get wound