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Castiel and phones


It seems like Cas has a thing with phones. Through the previous seasons we saw him using increasingly. Phones are became one of the links between him and Dean and more generally the Winchester.



In the Sneak Peek we saw Cas in a bed, close to him there were a bedside table with his mobile phone and an old phone. It’s this thing that caught my attention. So I was wondering why is this old phone is just here? Are there a meaning? I think so.

Therefore, can we say about a phone? We know a phone is a link through the distance. It can be the significance of a problem of comunication (in psychologie) or maybe an absence.


Cas is mourning.

I’m sure this old phone represent the absence of Dean. Just after he gets a phone call of Sam. Can we consider his mobile phone as the old phone? Are they the same entity? I think not. The old phone would be Dean. It is brown the color of sadness and depression. The mobile phone is switched up and luminous: alive. It represents Sam.

So we have an old dead phone which represent Dean. And the mobile phone which is functionnal represent Sam. Then Cas is awaken literally by Sam to tell him about Dean. I think it’s a very interesting scene which tell us many thinks about his state of mind. What are your thoughts about it?

(I hope there are not too many mistakes, English is not my mother tongue)