HYPEBEAST Review: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Regardless, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is here and it claims to be “better in every way.” Having given ample time to grasp everything the device has to offer, we offer up our take on these iPhones and how they’re relevant to our audience and industry. In doing so, we dropped both devices into the deep end of our day-to-day tasks and the below highlights our experience and thoughts.

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So tonight my philosophy teacher caught another student on their phone in class again. Chewed them out and then threw them out of class.

And they were sitting in the front row - watching them do the walk of shame was not a fun part of the class. I am sure everyone lowered their heads as they walked past them (the door is in the back of the classroom).

But one thing I must say is —- if you are taking a philosophy class, you have to pay attention to what the teacher is saying or you will be lost in class. PLUS it is proper etiquette to pay attention to the teacher, not on your phone. ANOTHER thing, if its something important either notify the teacher about it, some will understand. 

But either way, props to my Philosophy teacher for the war against phones in class! 

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Dokuga & Natsuki by panco

Natsuki: Hehehe, now we have mobiles.
Natsuki: Ah, it’s Dokuga!

Dokuga: Hello…
Natsuki: Hello! This is Natsuki!
Dokuga: I thought I would try to make a test call. Can you hear me all right?
Natsuki: Yes! Loud and clear!
Dokuga: I see…
Dokuga: Natsuki.
Natsuki: Yes?

Dokuga: How do I hang up?

Tetsujo: This one here, Dokuga…
Dokuga: Ah.
Natsuki: W-will he be all right?