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Invisible Technology

When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” ~Oscar Wilde

Society has changed and evolved when it comes technology and we take many things for granted because we live in one of the wealthiest developed countries in the world. One of the major items that we take for granted is money.  Money is what makes our economy continue to be successful. It is an essential part of life because there are not many items in the world that are free. We need money to survive not just with food and water but it also contributes to the essential needs of shelter and clothing. But it is not always the case when it comes to living in a society filled with new technologies. Money is not just taken for granted when it comes to the essentials of life, it also is taken for granted with the latest technologies, clothing, a travelling bug, and a wealthy society.

When you think of countries that do not have a lot of food, clothes or proper shelter, and you think about how much Canada and North America in general have, you realize how much that we have and how much we take things for granted. Money is what buys us food, shelter, clothing, technology and luxuries. We do not really think about how lucky we are until we look at other countries that are not as privileged as Canada. Taking a look at the luxurious homes in each city, we see the frivolity and money spent on the houses while places in developing countries that have small huts with low protective features. We take it for granted because we cannot imagine a life without a house with high protective features. The other essential part of our lives is food. Countries that do not have large amounts of food can struggle with making the money to be able to buy the foods that they need to survive. We pick and choose our foods like it is not a lot of money that we are spending on each foods. We throw out the food that we spend money on when we do not like the food or beverage. We also live in a world full of fast food restaurants and we spend loads of money on restaurants every year. This is evidence that shows  how much we take money for granted.

Another aspect that shows how much we take money for granted is the way that we spend our money on technologies and luxurious items and travel. Cell phones, laptops, desktops, internet services, and televisions are all luxurious technologies that cost a plethora of money but people do not really care because in todays age and in this society, these technologies are an asset. We take the technologies and the money that we use to buy these technologies for granted. We find a need to upgrade our technologies to the newest items at a moments notice. We dispose of items that are in perfect condition but we believe that our money is easily spent and the money is not an issue because we need the newest items. We live in a materialistic world and we need items to feel comfortable in the world. It is a way that we contact the world through the internet and the technologies that we use are our anchors or another limb that is attached to us.

Although, we need money to live, we also become greedy with the money that we have. We take it for granted and we use the money for what we need and what we do not need. In North America, we have money and are always looking for more whereas in places in need, such as parts of Africa, they do not have very much money and they are in NEED of more. We need to take less things for granted and if we could not live in such a materialistic world, then we would be able to decrease our needs for new technologies and live life by the moment not by the material.


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