I have passed the sign for The Enchanted Forest so many times and wondered what it was. Today I had some free time so I decided to stop and check it out. Turns out it has been abandoned for a while, long enough to be littered with empty cans of cheap beer and tagged on every wall. It was pretty small as far as abandoned buildings go, not much to explore, but pretty cool nonetheless. There is something especially autumnal about a children’s playground falling into decay, right?


Sunrise at Ma Maison(my house).

Decided to play with my phones panorama feature. I felt this image was a good representation of what a phone can do these days. Kinda makes me sad to think of how many photographers are being replaced by phones. Digital photography(in general) is getting away from being a craft that is studied, practiced, and perfected to being the one who took the most images to cover their asses. That’s why I love and respect Film and Alternative process photographers. They have a much deeper connection with every single image they create.

This goes ways beyond my usual workflow. And that HDRish look. I don’t know if I’ll repeat the experiment. Anyway, same location of the previous panorama, during the sunset.


So some thoughts about camera equipment. It’s been a hot topic since I bought my first DSLR and actually the forums still draw a lot of photographers to discuss their gear. Some of the guys get way too much  into upgrading gear when they should invest their time and effort (and money) to perfecting their technique of actual photography.

I decided to push my boundaries and try to take some shots with my new samsung galaxy s duos 2 which has a 5mp basic camera, nothing too shabby. I think the smallest focal length is around 35mm roughly, not sure though.

Went to take a small day trip to test this little bad boys capabilities. I took a lot of panoramic shots and also multi-bracketed exposures with my phone and edited them with photoshop and I have to say I was quite surprised with the quality. Ofcourse I had the cameras options in the best possible quality. And in the beginning of the post there are the 4 best shots I managed to capture.

One thing is for sure that the lens got a lot of noise and the post processing always tend to expose that more but thats ok :-)

The MBK one I stitched like 10 photos together and basic post processing flow. The temple picture is a blended one of 3 different exposures I believe +1 0 -1. The other two are panoramas of maybe 6-8 vertical shots.

I think all of these turned out like nice enough for a hobbyist say a souvenir from travelling for example.

Remember everyone, post processing is one of the absolute best ways to make your photos stand out, learn it, live it and breath it and your photos will surely improve and it doesn’t matter which kind of camera you use since the workflow stays the same.

Thanks for reading :-)