TEXT || Wyatt
  • Wyatt:Are you now? That makes me happy. I always thought of you as kind of arm candy for me. ;)
  • Wyatt:Can’t you pick on someone who doesn’t want me to fix it for them? Or do you do that and I just don’t hear about it?
  • Rhys:Call it your cock sock, or whatever you want. Keyword is "yours".
  • Rhys:Well it's not my fault he's nagging un-involved people about our play time.
Text: Open
  • Astrid:I'm just going to cut to the chase and say that you're coming skinny dipping with me at midnight - or else. I haven't gone since I was at a nude beach in France and this is the perfect opportunity.
  • Astrid:Midnight. Be there or you're a pussy.

Click to see an animated work in progress version of Page 4 (flash only):


A lot went into these panels, including the first look at 13 year old Melony, designing a plausible modern era cell phone, introducing a color palette duality (oranges=life vs blues=technology), and even the very first talk bubbles! I’ve removed the dialogue in case you don’t want it completely spoiled.

For the cell phone, I wanted it’s design to look familiar, in terms of the phones we all use today but unique to the world. It’s shape is reminiscent of a grave stone to symbolize the coming conflict and threat of death. I figure it has two touchscreens, one is more of an menu/auxiliary readout kind of thing that shows the time, functionality, menus, and battery life. It was important to show a low battery on panel 2 as the theme of “low battery/time running out” is a common one throughout the story. The crack in the screen symbolizes the fragility of technology, among other things.

I’m thinking about adding some very mild flickering lighting on her face/eyes/chest from the phone in these two panels. But this is where I start asking questions like, should there be less animation? How much is too much? Is it distracting, is it purposeful, does it add anything…etc…

To introduce young Melony, I decided to get pretty thorough with the animation. I had always said I wanted the animation in this comic to avoid describing main action — instead be minor looping things — but I thought through the small screen on a phone, plus adding some transmission-errory effects, it wouldn’t be too much. And I think it was pretty successful. To do this, I started with just one drawing and colored it, to get her final look down. Never really nailed down her design, if you scroll through the old blog entries. https://38.media.tumblr.com/38040115a4455565f903160c2337a5ce/tumblr_nawji5RBsJ1rw001so1_500.jpg

Then I went on to do some straight ahead keyframe animation — she’s not saying anything, I was just having fun and exploring. Definitely my favorite part.


Then I added breakdowns and colored everything. I want to maintain a sense of lighting with the character work in MM, so there was a bit of experimentation there. At first I thought I’d show her with dyed orange hair with dark roots, but then decided she should be a natural strawberry blonde. Why is adult Melony’s hair a deeper orange…? That’s for later.


Then I looked for great ways to do glitch effects. These glitch effects are only going to get more prominent as the story goes on, so they had to be legit. I knew I wasn’t going to draw digital effects with any kind of accuracy, so I found this amazing browser based glitcher — just drag and drop your own photos:


Here’s a closeup of Little M all glitched out. It’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to show it closer up in future pages:


Well that’s all for now — cheers!


Phone Call @ Thor
  • *ringing*
  • *voicemail*
  • *ringing*
  • *voicemail*
  • *ringing*
  • *voicemail*
  • *ringing*
  • Darcy:Thor? Let me speak to Thor now or this phone and any phone in that station house won't stop ringing and buzzing!