So happy to have so many of you there! Thank you all so much for showing up to are first meetup! this was truly wonderful to have such a large gathering and I hope are next one is even bigger. I hope next year to have halos to give out for anybody that come to the meet again! and maybe have a pizza party. ^_^

All suits except telephone made by skyprofursuits

Telephone made by phoenixwolf33


londog bridges turning up by Havik

Meekah, Civeret, GreenosedYotie, phoenixwolf33, EnigmaTanzaku, Draces, and Ryoxi


Sniper has arrived!  He is amazing in person!  His colours are just so beautiful, and he’s so comfy to wear, Wallah.  Like a big floofy pillow~

Sniper is a Kestrel Angel Dragon made by the talented PhoenixWolf33!

You can find more pics of Sniper right on here on my Tumblr, upcoming videos on YouTube, DeviantArt, and FurAffinity!

Thanks for watching!  Have a great weekend!