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I see you deleted that post, which is a bummer because I was totally on your side :( Here is what I wanted to add: ALSO: "which shouldn't exist anymore" is BULLSHIT. We DO NOT live in a post-racial society, nor should we ever. The idea of a post-racial society (a society in which race isn't important/seen or considered) only helps people who aren't already targeted for their race.

I’m not sure which post you think I deleted? I assure you I haven’t deleted anything recently except a few personal posts that were cluttering up my blog. But thank you for the message! I agree wholeheartedly and wish this was the message people would take away from my art, rather than the “see how this proves Disney isn’t racist??” sentiment that occasionally crosses my dash. 

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Hey, I'm looking to follow some more art blogs :) Do you have any favorites?

I do! Here’s a few of my favorite artists/art pages on Tumblr :












ALS0 FRIEND ART, some of my fellow UArts alumni <3









Tonight was a movie. From drunken idiots to knights in shining armor.

Visiting Sam here at the University of Michigan has proved to be quite an adventure.

First meeting Sam’s lovely amazing roommate Heather, who reminds me quite of my good friend Lauren, and realizing we have many similar ex horror stories… which I find quite amusing.

Then going to the bathroom to find a young man curled in a corner and then coming out of the bathroom to find that he had puked himself. Needless to say he was quite intoxicated and we had a lovely time calling RA’s and on campus security people and yeah. It was lovely. He is obviously the drunk idiot of the night.

Leading all the way to my knight in shining armor. 

The three of us were coming back inside from quickly running out to grab our food, from a scruffy looking delivery man, and yes we ordered food at 1 in the morning. Anyway, we were on our way back into the dormitory when I completely miss the first (SMALL STEP I SWEAR IT’S NOT BECAUSE I’M A TOTAL CLUTZ) and fall completely on the concrete steps, hurting my foot and knee, AND DROPPING MY PIZZA, in the process. Of course Sam’s and Heather’s first reactions were to laugh at me, I mean this was my first reaction as well so we are all laughing pretty hard at this point. 

In which was cut off by, "you know there is a step there right?"

I look up to see the most handsome human being to ever walk this earth that resembled Stiles Stilinski in the lamplight. 

So I continued to giggle and make fun of myself while he freaking held out his hand and helped me up in the like romantic princess way looking straight into my eyes. Leading to him also picking up my pizza and handing it to me.

Thank you knight in shining armor. And to quote Heather’s facebook comment: It was your karma for being a knight in shining armor earlier tonight.

And I shall never see him again and always dream of that moment of him helping me off of the stairs and staring into my eyes because my life is not a movie and he will never start some crazy escapade to try and find me.

Real life sucks.

P.S. This was also the second time I fell on stairs today, the first time I fell I landed so I was lying parallel to the stairs and my friend got all confused when I said owe and got up. He then told me, "I thought you were planking."