Oppo | Artist & Musician

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I go by Oppo, born October 23rd 1990 in San Antonio, Texas. I was adopted at 2 days old and grew up in the Philadelphia area. I was never really interested in music or art until in the 4th grade when a series of concussions put me out of school for a year. I taught myself everything I know and I could play guitar, bass (stand up &; electric), drums, banjo, mandolin, ukelele and keyboards. I grew up heavily influenced by punk music and by the age of 14 I was the bass player and frontman a band (The Disruptions) sharing stages with some of my idols at the time. They called me Brad Opposition back then and that name stuck with me. I used to fool around with making beats on the computer but never took it seriously until I picked up an mpc 2000xl sometime in ‘09 or ‘10. Due to another unfortunate event I moved to Hawaii for a c! hange of scenery and things started to take off for Opposition. On July 24th 2011 on the way back from a show the car I was in was hit dead-on by a drunk driver. Even though I was in the back seat I fractured my skull, broke my neck (c4,c5 and c6), broke some ribs and fractured my hip. I spent 21 days in the ICU on a ventilator then moved on to the Rehab Center of the Pacific in Honolulu, HI. I made the 10 hour flight to the east coast and spent more time at a rehab hospital located in Philadelphia, PA. That was the birth of Oppo. I am now in a powered wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down, I have no use of my fingers but still manage to produce music. These days I use an iPad with the Beatmaker 2 app and a stylus strapped to my hand. I try to maintain a positive attitude on my path to recovery because I believe that everything happens for a reason no matter how shitty it seems and I know something good will come out of this, I’m just waiting for it to happen. Please think twice before drinking and driving or letting someone else do it! Peace.


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Nice Things Handmade
1731 E. Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(267) 455-0256
Nice Things Handmade sells ceramics, jewelry, apparel, prints and fine art accessories from artists around Philadelphia and across the country.

Nice Things Handmade features artists and designers from near and far including:

brookiellen designs
birdqueen designs by gretchen diehl
girls can tell
salty and sweet
pink andie
grand circus
mike geno
gritty city candles
rachel ink
raw toast design
yardsale press
dark cycle clothing
my zoetrope
krista peel
claire mcdermott
red boots designs
yuko nishigaki
lisa volta
dude and chick cards
bath tub jungle jewelry
dahling accessories by gretchen j miller
jaden remy designs

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John Edward | Email | Website

John Edwe paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States and abroad including the Sandee Whester Gallery in Philadelphia , the Philadelphia Convention Center in Harrisburg, and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

In addition , his work is in many private collections in the United States, in France , Belgium , Spain and Italy.

Mr John Edwe received  a BFA , from the University of the  Arts in Philadelphia ,Pennsylvania and a MFA from the Academy Art University in San Francisco , California.

Square Peg Artery and Salvage
108 S. 20th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 360-5548
Carrying a wide variety of handcrafted items from greeting cards to fine art, Square Peg Artery and Salvage has something for everyone. The shop sells top-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces created by more than 300 local and regional artisans.

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Matt Leece | Email | Website | Blog

A member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Matt Leece is currently pursuing a BA in Audio Recording with a concentration in classical guitar and a French minor at Bloomsburg University where he studies recording under Todd Campbell and classical guitar under Dr. Matthew Slotkin. He has also studied jazz and classical guitar with Pete Smyser, form and performance in modern idioms, such as classic rock, funk, and reggae with Chris Shepherd at the Paul Green School and has performed in masterclasses with Nicholas Goluses, Peter Kodzas, The Alonso-Drummond Duo, and Garry Hagberg, and was a finalist in the 2012 Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society Student competition, where he earned an honorable mention. Matt has performed at the Trocadero, TLA, Asbury Park, Fuel, the Well, Chelsea Market, Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia’s First Unitarian, and the Fire, and has been involved in a number of creative projects with musicians from the Philadelphia area. He has studied pop art painting with John Pompetti in Philadelphia and has been a photography enthusiast for many years, gaining initial instruction from his father, Andrew. He is also an editor for The DuBois Review and a founding member of both the literary community, Dale Lans Ars Collectiva and the Jazz and Art Music Collective.

For gigs, lessons, recording endeavors, photography, and other queries, he can be reached at mattleece@gmail.com

Jonathan Applebaum // Revitalize


The role between subject and observer is blurred. Images form organically, rejecting the manufactured and mechanical as scenes develop naturally, almost accidentally as if chance led the viewer. Deriving inspiration from natural moments of life occurring around him, Jon finds ways to layer modern life with faded past.

Though a photographer and video director by trade, Jonathan’s work delves into the grit of life, stirring a wistful melancholy in each of his pieces. His pieces are playful and emphasize the profound in single, simple moments.

Breathing life into old images that have been discarded, collecting dust, never be used again, Jon finds a place in the future that these images were never meant to see. These modern-vintage collages combine 1950′s magazine clipping with his contemporary photographs that exploit parallels between subjects. The juxtaposition of clippings and photos revives a strong sense of nostalgia intertwined with hope.

Refreshments will be served. Should you need to contact us: info@sirepress.com ; jonapplebaum@gmail.com.



Philadelphia Art Alliance
251 South 18th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103
Thursday, July 18, 2013 // 2pm

Introducing Third Thursday Tours!

Please join PAA Curator Sarah Archer for a tour and discussion of our current exhibitions at 2pm on the third Thursday of the month. This summer’s tours are scheduled for June 20, July 18, and August 15. This summer’s exhibitions at PAA each explore textiles, fabric, or fashion in unique and original ways: Emily Spivack’s “Sentimental Value,” Sabrina Gschwandtner’s “Sunshine and Shadow,” and “LTextile,” new fiber and textiles from Lithuania.

Upcoming Open Calls!

Deadline July 19 
RAW: natural born artists is currently accepting submissions for our upcoming showcases. Join what has become a worldwide movement, with 78 locations and counting. On the 4th Thursday every other month, we hand-pick artists and produce them into a 40+ artist show with live music, runways, visual arts, photography and film. The attendance is typically 1000 guests. By producing this multi-genre show, we generate powerful cross genre exposure that is unique to RAW. Many of our guests will come to see one artist and leave a fan of many.  Follow this link to our talent submission page for consideration; we want to see you work! Don’t wait.

Deadline Mid July
The Gibby Center for the Arts in Middletown Delaware has a fun opportunity for artists and art students.  The Eastern wall of the building is part of a “pocket garden” project to improve foot traffic on the Main Street, Middletown and hopefully increase the attendance at the Center. We have a general idea for the spot but are open to the wonderful creative ideas of fellow artists.  It could be a take-over, hands-on project, or an assistant position.We would like to have the project completed by the Middletown Peach Festival, the third weekend in August. This is one of Middletown Main Street, Inc. town improvement projects so there will be a lot of publicity and great exposure, especially during the Peach Festival which brings 20-30,000 to Middletown. Any students or other artists who may have interest, please contact: Caroline Zeitler | Hudson Contemporary Co-Director | 302-757-2701

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Brooklyn Flea launched its first market outside of New York City in Philadelphia on June 2, 2013, at The Piazza in Northern Liberties. Like the original Brooklyn Flea, our Philly market features dozens of top vendors of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as a tightly curated selection of jewelry, art, and crafts by local artisans and designers, plus delicious fresh food.

Starting June 2, 2013
Every Sunday
10AM - 5PM Rain or Shine

The Piazza at Schmidt’s
1050 N. Hancock St. Northern Liberties
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Get Directions >


Checkout the events for the weekend!


Philly Phair

PHAIR is open every Saturday, rain or shine, from 10am to 5pm.
PHAIR brings an exciting, open-air market to the City of Philadelphia where local shoppers, art and food lovers, and visitors can mingle, buy, view, eat, and have fun outdoors. Our inspiration comes from many places, specifically european open-air markets and art and craft fairs across the US, including many here in Philadelphia. To that end, PHAIR creates a community of art, vintage, and food lovers to gather and support each other’s work, while strengthening small, creative businesses so that they may thrive and be successful.

Pterodactyl Gallery
3237 Amber St. Box 3 Fifth Floor North
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Animals become a canvas onto which we humans project our myths, fantasies and ideas, making up our own meanings. Animal Show explores ways in which animals are transformed into such unwitting actors.


Brooklyn Flea Philly
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
1050 North Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Brooklyn Flea is launching a new weekly market with 100 vendors in Philadelphia, at The Piazza. Like the original Brooklyn Flea, our market will feature top vendors of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as a tightly curated selection of jewelry, art, and crafts by local artisans and designers, plus delicious fresh food.


Sean Richard Doyle | Painter

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Sean Richard Doyle’s abstractions delve into an abyss of color composition. House, oil, acrylic and spray paints belie canvas, board and wood slab in his effort to present color outbursts. Call it pixilated void, or Braille for the colorless, Sean R. is attempting to introduce a need for blasts of color in everyday life. Influenced by the omnipresent blank city wall, Sean R.’s style evolved out of the need to brighten up and influence color concentration on his viewer’s eye. Where it is easy to get lost in one of his works, Sean R.’s aim is to promote a heightened sense of awareness of the great many colors, all at the urging that the viewer trains their eye on one color abstraction at a time—color meditation, perhaps. His first public viewing took place in Philadelphia, early spring 2013—a fitting emergence for a new artist und! er the guise of a budding spring.

Jason Hutchings | Artist & Musician

Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

I have been writing and recording music for over 15 years. I draw from a wide range of influences in an attempt to create something unique. I play all the instruments you hear and record in my home studio. I have recently had a resurgence in the creation of visual arts. Painting, drawing, photography and digital image manipulation are in the works and on the horizon. Check out my blog for a gallery of visual arts.

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