philstag said:

I just got into the Dishonored fandom, so please correct me if I got anything wrong. XD Headcanon about Morley Shorthounds (aka shorties): The corgi part allowed them to navigate tunnels with ease, while the wolfhound part gave them enhanced speed, endurance and bite strength. They were used to flush the hideouts of people who refused to report themselves or their loved ones to the Flooded District for quarantine.

I like your headcanon :D

Also, if well trained, shorties can be used to herd weepers.


kobaba said: you made people cry.

that was not my intention nO PEOPLE PLEASE DON’T CRY;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

philstag said: I’m sorry I gave you such a horrible book QxQ

PHIIIIIIIIL! what no no don’t apologize!!!! why do you apologize ahhhhh;;;; I can’t thank you enough for offering me the pdf!! even though Bowden left a sour taste in my mouth, I’m still glad I got to read the book, because I was waaay too curious hahahh thank you once again for your troubles!!!

(also, the book actually had some parts that I very much enjoyed! /whispers/ first thing which comes to mind is the mission when you go after Braddock to get Pitcairn, that whole thing was so much better and hilarious in the book imo 8„,)))) 

potatocrisp said: I still haven’t finished it

oh man ahhah ahahah what was the last thing you read? did you got to the game’s plot yet?