The Birthday Gift

Summary: Dan puts a lot of thought into Phil’s birthday gift.

Disclaimer: Nope. Don’t own ‘em. Jus’ a fan.

A/n: This is my first ever fanfiction. Please be kind. Creative criticism will be much appreciated and taken note of. Flames are discouraged.


He loves blue. Dan remembered as he caught sight of the blue outfit on the shop window. But he did not stop and walked on.

He loves cute stickers. Cat stickers. But stickers do not make a birthday gift.

As he walks past a confectionary he remembers that Phil also likes cakes. Velvet cakes. He smiles as he remembers how they had tried to make green velvet cupcakes.

Phil also loves music. But what CDs can he possibly buy for him?

Phil adores shoes. As he reaches a shoe shop he slows down and stops, looking at the display. Would he like that pair of brown boots?

Dan continued to walk down the footpath. He was no longer looking at the shops. He was thinking, debating in his head. Cake? Shoes? Watch? Cd? Cake. Cake was the best option. Phil loves cakes and he hadn’t ever gifted Phil a cake on his birthday. But which cake?

He wished they could stop growing and having birthdays. He was running out of things to gift Phil.

He walked out of the cake shop, the door jingling as he opened it. The woman at the counter called a cheery thank you after him. He hoped Phil wouldn’t mind a rainbow birthday cake.

He felt warmer as soon as he entered the apartment. He needed to hide the cake. Wouldn’t do for Phil to see it. So he stole upstairs. He really hoped Phil would like his gift. But for that he would have to wait. For tomorrow.

Footnote: I left the ending open so anyone can imagine the rest any way they want. I might come back and make a story for the rest of it too.