Can someone please explain why sometimes Dan has a beauty mark above his lip and other times not?? Like things in nature don’t do that?

Headcanon: 2012, Phil receives a phone call, and when he hangs up, he saunters into the lounge with wide eyes. 

Dan notices. “Everything ok?”

"That was the BBC."

Dan tenses. It takes a moment before he’s able to prompt Phil further. “And?”

Phil gives a breathy laugh, tears welling up. “They loved our pilot. They’re giving us a radio show. Every Sunday.” 

Dan glances around the mostly unfurnished room, money terrifyingly tight for them, and he can’t hold back the tears that come with his relief as he stands to pull Phil into a hug, and a small smile slips onto his face when Phil’s head falls to his shoulder and they cry happy tears together. 

They’re going to be fine.