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Can I just add that Phil has a degree in English and linguistics. Similar to what you said I think hat Phil Lester is intelligent designated serious unlike amazingphil

Yeah, I agree, although I’ll change it to “unlike how AmazingPhil portrays himself”. The dissociation between Phil Lester and AmazingPhil is what is throwing some people off, I guess.

We know AmazingPhil very well. Phil Lester….not so much (although there is definitely overlap).

And as an English and Linguisitcs major, it really isn’t “out of nowhere” for him to want to write a book. Clearly, he likes words and expressing things with them. He did have a written blog before youtube as well. :)



What he does to make you smile - Preference #267

Dan -

He would usually randomly send you a text during the day; telling you about something that just happened or a joke he just heard. He really doesn’t have to do much to make you smile, but just knowing that you crossed his mind brings a smile to your face.


Phil -

He sneaks up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist tightly, while burying his face into the crook of your neck or plopping his head atop yours. He asks about your day or anything really that comes to mind.


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The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

The fact that they cant help themselves from smiling the whole video makes me so happy. Like there is a smile tugging on Phils face the entire video, and Dan is not hiding his either. There are moments where you can just look at either one and see how happy and proud they are, and that is why I am so excited for this book. 

So today I wanted to show this one guy dan and phil cause on friday we always sit together and watch pewdiepie. So i tell him “do you know dan and phil?” And he goes “no” so like english isn’t our mother toung and I said “then please type in dan and phil” and he types Dad&Phil “n-no dan…with a n at the end” yep he also didn’t understand shit but loved the punk edits dans faces and phils eyes. Literally the first thing he said was “oh my god his eyes!”