Colorful photography lessons from the Philippines

Our own Luis Sinco has been working on the first South Pacific Photo Workshop in the Philippines, set in Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental Province.

Alongside Magnum photographer Eli Reed and Armando Arorizo, owner of the Los Angeles’ Perfect Exposure Gallery, Sinco has been guiding an internationally diverse set of students through the basics of photography throughout the bustling city streets and vibrant wilderness.

Participants in the first South Pacific Photo Workshop include, from left: Mark Bermas, Juliet Gim, Dennis Welter, Kenan Tuada, Hersley-Ven Casero, Roman Hampl, Jeff “Ruby” Rubenstein, Luis Sinco, Armando Arorizo, Sophia Sinco, Lisa Blumenfeld, Eli Reed and Paul Benzi Sebastian Florendo. Not pictured: Phil Prins and Mark Besario.

Check out more of their work over at Framework.

Photos: Hersley-Ven Casero, Phil Prins, Mark Bermas, Eli Reed


Miss Philppines and her dress of flowers

Miss Poland in a very cute dress

Miss Portugal

Miss Puerto Rico, looking very bridal

Miss Serbia

Miss Singapore is a sparkly flag!

Miss Slovak Republic is done

Miss Slovenia is very…something

Miss South Africa works it

Purple Passion by gabedeleon Tiny Anemone Crab finds protection from predators within it’s host anemone, colored in brilliant purple. Photo taken during night dive in Anilao, Philppines

Tagaytay 2015

January is considered the coldest month of the year in the Philippines. And that means a trip to one of the coldest places in the Philppines; Tagaytay.

Even if the Christmas season ends in the first week of January, people would still flock to their provinces for a vacation. In this case, I along with some family and friends went to Tagaytay for a day to enjoy the rare cold weather.

This is me being excited because there were trees aligned and that’s a cool thing.

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The day that weve been waiting for welcome to the philppines pope francis bienvenido papa

Grabe ngiti nya pa lng nppangiti n ako parang gusto ko n magbalik loob kay God gusto kong mging active ulit s simbahan kaso ang layo… mgging mas mabuting tao n lng ako xD