Six things you didn’t know about Søren Kierkegaard

This May, the OUP Philosophy team is honoring Kierkegaard as their ‘Philosopher of the Month’. Below are 6 facts you may not have known about the father of existentialism via Oxford Reference Online.

  1. Kierkegaard frequently attacked his own books in anonymous reviews.
  2. Kierkegaard died of a suspected spinal disease at the relatively young age of 42. It is believed that the complications with his spinal injury started when he fell from a tree in his youth.
  3. Kierkegaard spent the majority of his life in Copenhagen, but he did manage to visit Berlin four times during his life, the last of these visits marking his 33rd birthday.
  4. Kierkegaard once compared himself to Janus, the two-faced god, saying: ‘with the one face I laugh, with the other I weep.’
  5. Kierkegaard broke off a very brief engagement with Regine Olsen and lived most of his life alone.
  6. Kierkegaard lived entirely off his inheritance.

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Image: Kierkegaard portrait, by Niels Christian Kierkegaard. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Who Are You?

“Who Are You?”

Not everything in our lives,
Will be handed to us on plates.
I can tell you once we’re alive,
We have such undecided fates.

There are those who like to strive,
And always question themselves,
Like the bees that buzz in hives,
Honey doesn’t make itself.

Some of us are leaders.
We grab the bull by the rope.
If you fall into this category,
You will never lose your hope.

But some hide and cower,
Running away from their fears.
This prolongs the inevitable,
When they finally break down after years.

Others are just so lazy.
They don’t even want to try.
They reside in rooms so hazy.
They stare with bloodshot eyes.

There are those who keep on trying,
Even though they never win.
After some time spent crying,
They get back out there again.

Some will always have,
Their heads up in the clouds.
Whether that makes them glad,
Their conscious fails them now.

Others desire to get away,
Through the shiny edge of a knife.
They just can’t face another day,
They’d rather endanger their life.

There are those who force their hands,
By taking the wheel and steer.
They’ve crashed before they began,
In the looming puddles near.

There are the meek; the humble.
The boisterous and proud.
Those who always stumble.
Those who are always loud.
There are the quiet; the shameful.
Those like porcelain glass.
Those with taste so disadainful,
In reality they’d never last.

And then there are always those,
Who blindly remain open.
Taking how life goes,
Emotionally they are broken.
But they are the ones who realize,
How destructive we can be.
They see beyond such cryptic eyes.
They see what most can’t see.
And they remain the strongest ones,
Battling through everything.
To them the shots of a gun,
Is nothing to what they’ve seen.
They exhibit such empathy,
Understanding how others feel.
They put others before them endlessly,
While their own problems are concealed.

So next time you complain,
About how life is just so tough,
Rather than point the blame,
Realize we all have it rough.

It’s crazy how this Internet can make you schizophrenic:

You can talk to the same person by different ways at the same time

You are able to have a bunch of different names and identities

You are yourself and anonymous at the same time, how to do this?

EDIT for the young angry people: just look at the entire definition of schizophrenia, i’m not talking about the sickness :)
Opening Post

Accessible Academia is now officially open, though it doesn’t exist in any real way yet! So first off, I’m looking for mods, and created a page about how to apply.  If I think of anything else, or if someone suggests adding/removing something from it, I’ll change it.  There’s also a fairly empty page for about the mods, which only features me so far.

Most importantly, I need to find mods for things that I don’t know as well, because though in their absence, I’ll attempt to handle any asks, I’m not as practiced, so these areas aren’t things I can effortlessly translate.

So, apply and submit asks and submissions of material you want explained! This tumblr will only be as good as the questions it gets!


Humans become what we are by struggling with a natural, physical world that does not immediately respond to our desires. The world resists us, and demands that we flow with it, and deal honestly with the organic. When we enframe the organic, transforming it into more mechanical technology to be readily manipulated, we lose that orientation. When our own bodies become enframed through a technology that defies even death, what will become, for example, of the desire for transcendence that has been one of the most historically powerful forces leading to the creation of art, philosophy, and drives the need for making interpersonal connections? What happens when the development of identity is enframed within an economy of commodification in which we buy alterations of our identity?

What I Believe

Bertrand III Russell

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life.”

Bertrand Russell on the two pillars of the good life and how our moral superstitions are keeping us from happiness: