June 07, 2011
  • Was dismissed early in PHILIEN \m/
  • Only girl in the row for ORALCOM. (@.@) Was that a set up, or what? We have an alphabetical sitting arrangement, right? Oh, well. I’m still happy. At least I got to be seatmates with the Basketball Player guy. <3
  • Got so motivated to answer our essay PHILOMA quiz a while ago… because I found my topic really really interesting.
  • Was surprised to actually see this guy I find cute wearing green. I was thinking about what he was about to wear even before I got out of the house for school. Funny.
  • Had lunch at Pasta Place again. Ate Spaghetti Italiana and a single Ham & Cheese Supreme. Love. (with Czam, Yen, and Keii)
  • Went to University Mall. Bought two small ribbon clips. <3
  • Reached home around 4:30 pm. Great. :D

P.S. And now, I have nothing important to do. Unless I still want to study for BASICOM quiz tomorrow. Nah, open notes naman daw, eh. HAHA.