YURI PATTISONchelyabinsk eBay extrusions <three>, 2013
.925 silver, 316L stainless steel, titanium, .STL files

When the Chelyabinsk meteor entered Russia in 2013, Yuri Pattison watched as meteorite fragments were instantly commodified on eBay. Fascinated by the market, the perceived spirituality or superstitious quality of the fragments, looming questions of authenticity, and how meticulously the fragments were photographed, Pattison saved hundreds of images onto his computer. He started to think about how he could materialize and heighten the question of supply and demand, seeing as how reports on the size of the meteorite varied greatly and the actual supply of fragments was unknown.

"The interesting thing about working digitally, especially with 3D printing," he wrote, "is that the information that’s contained and conveyed through the work is of primary importance. The value isn’t necessarily based on whether the piece is a copy or an original." Ultimately, Pattison reverse engineered the images back into physical form as 3D printed objects in silver, stainless steel, and titanium, returning the meteorite fragments, layered with new meaning, to the realm from which they emerged. (Text by Paddles ON! curator Lindsay Howard)

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This summer, Paddles ON! is going global! Building on the momentum of the inaugural event in New York, Phillips and Tumblr are bringing the digital art auction to Phillips’s headquarters in London on July 3rd at 7pm. Curated by Lindsay Howard, this collection is the second digital art auction at Phillips, and the first in the UK, in recognition of the increasing viability of this work in the contemporary art marketplace.

The event will include a two-week exhibition (June 21-July 3), an online auction powered by Paddle8, and a live auction led by one of Phillips’s world class auctioneers. In addition to the auction and exhibition, Phillips will host a series of public programs in partnership with Arcadia_Missa which will explore what it means to create, sell, and collect digital art in the 21st century. These discussions will be livestreamed and online viewers will be encouraged to participate using the #PaddlesON hashtag on Tumblr and Twitter.

Artists and galleries will receive 100% of the sale profits and a portion of the buyer’s premium will be donated to Opening Times, a new not-for-profit online commissioning body.The exhibition and auction will feature 23 works by 23 artists, many of whom have been members of the Tumblr community for years:

Stay tuned on the Tumblr for updates and announcements on the artists and programs, and get the scoop of the next generation of contemporary art. See you on July 3rd!