What is KBKN?
“Kapit Bisig Kabataan means “Youth Link Arms” in Tagalog. It is a national Filipino American youth and student­ led relief network built in response to Typhoon Haiyan and future disasters.

Our mission is to support survivors of calamities in the Philippines by raising funds, organizing relief and rehabilitation missions, and advocating for long term solutions to improve disaster preparedness.

Our vision is to unite and empower Filipino youth and students across the US to engage in grassroots relief and long ­term rehabilitation efforts for communities affected by natural disasters in the Philippines. We advocate for systemic changes that prioritize the protection of people’s lives and livelihood in relationship to their environment. 

From July 21st to August 13th, we will be embarking on Kapit Bisig Kabataan (translation: Youth Link Arms) Network’s 2nd Annual Relief & Rebuild Mission Trip. During this 24-day voyage, we will be integrating into the communities of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, where we will be distributing relief supplies, constructing homes, participating in agricultural production, educating school-age children, and providing medical services.

We seek to not only rebuild the areas, but to rebuild our minds, as well. We will be living amongst the indigenous people and  completely immersing ourselves in their culture. That’s right, we may not have electricity, air conditioning, or clean water available among other first-world luxuries.”

For more information on Kapit Bisig, which I had the pleasure of learning more about back in March during the Kapit Bisig Spring Mixer which discussed the last trip and the next one. 

For more information about Kapit Bisig visit these links below and show our fellow kapwa your support in helping our people.

Their GoFundMe Page: http://www.gofundme.com/kbkneastcoast2015
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kapitbisignetwork
Tumblr Pagehttp://kbkn.tumblr.com/

Katipunan, around 1892

On this, the National Flag Day of the Philippines, let us reflect on this rather unfortunate flag used by the revolutionary society that launched the Philippine Revolution. The less-than-ideal acronym stands for Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalang Katipunan, or “Supreme and Most Honourable Society.” Awkward.

PHILIPPINES, Manila : A scavenger collects plastic bottles in front of stacked cargo containers at a pier in Manila on May 28, 2015. Philippine economic growth in the first quarter slowed to a three-year low of 5.2 percent, well below forecasts, due to lethargic government spending and weak exports, officials said May 28. AFP PHOTO / NOEL CELIS                        

Kapwa Magazine is looking for submissions on your PCN to be featured in the first issue. Whether you were involved in one or you attended, feel free to submit your photos and share your stories, feelings, thoughts, personal growth, and experiences of PCN.


  1. Any photos submitted must be yours or your group have taken, not someone else’s.
  2. Unlike the article submissions, this submission can be short in words if you choose to share your experiences and thoughts on PCN. A minimum of a short paragraph is fine or you can write more.
  3. When submitting any photos or stories please include your name, the name of the organization, school, any focused themes for this year, and when and where the PCN took place, and any other information you would like to include.

One of the featured stories in the first issue for July/August will cover PCN events in the diaspora. PCN is a yearly performance performed by Pilipinx youth across different organizations and schools to celebrate our rich heritage, history, and our people. It is made up of our youth celebrating who they are through performances of theater, music, and dance, both modern and traditional. It is honoring where they and our ancestors come from and empowering themselves and our people through sharing their pride in their identity and culture to both Pilipinxs and non-Pilipinxs alike.

Send your submissions to submissions@kapwamagazine.com to be featured in the first issue!


It was actually a spontaneous day. My two aunts just told us while we were eating our breakfast that they will go to Makati to buy some clothes when I said I want to go with them. So it happened! We went to SM Makati and decided to have our lunch at Hole in the Wall at the Century City Mall. Hole in the Wall is a high-end food court located on the fourth floor of the said mall. I am going to post some of my reviews on the said stores!

1. Liberation Shawarma

3.5/5: I tried their Beef Shawarma Rice. Thanks to the free and unlimited sauce for making it really tasty. The rice is also good though. The price is kinda enough for their serving. I am not that impressed in their pork salad. I do not know what I am eating. But it is just okay. Not that bad but also not that good. I just really love their sauce. The staff are also not that friendly. Bleh. They are not rude but they are not even smiling.

2. Spruce

4/5: I am rating this store according to the Kale Chips (Cheese) which my uncle bought for P250. I really liked it. Healthy yet tasty. It is a perfect snack for those who are craving for chips/junkfood. It is also crunchy. It is just pricey for a leaf chips. Can’t blame it is an unusual food. Will still come back to try their juices!

3. Mister Delicious

4/5:  What I love in this store is that it is good for sharing. Their serving is just enough. But the food is kinda expensive. Who would forget their Classic Reuben? The filling is healthy and the meat is well-cooked. It is red! I mean, the fresh red! I recommend you guys to try it on your first visit at Hole in the Wall. And the chips! Crunchy, tasty and healthy. Their corned beef is not that special though. Too many potatoes. But it is also tasty enough because of the sauce and other add-ons. You should just be patient because it will take them a little bit longer to serve but hey, it is worth it!

4. Bad Bird

4/5:  Their chicken is really tasty and well-cooked. I also tried their waffle and it is sweet enough. The combination goes together. For me the best part in this store is their corn and hush puppies! Their corn is really different, tasty and big! Their hush puppies are really aahhhhh delicious. I swear. As for the price, it is just okay and reasonable. It is also good to know that we can buy rice, hush puppies and corn separately. I would love to try their rice and nuggets!

5. Scout’s Honor 

(Personal Favorite) 4.5/5:  WHAT? This is one of the best cookie shops I have ever been to. I know I just tried their S'mores, Matcha Oreo ice cream and nutella milk. But hey, this dessert shop is something. Their S'mores is not that sweet! Just enough for you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their Matcha Oreo ice cream IS PERFECT. I want more! Their nutella milk is too sweet though. Maybe I do not like nutella when it is a drink. I availed their promo SET A for only P260 you have the three I just mentioned above. Like you can choose a cookie, ice cream and milk. The staff are not that friendly. I mean they are not smiling or even saying hi to the customers. They were too occupied in baking. Can’t blame them tho. I will really come back to try their other pastries!

Menjelajahi Pegunungan Cordillera, Mengunjungi Keturunan Ifugao 

by Virna Puspa Setyorini           Pegunungan Cordillera membentang di empat provinsi di sebelah utara Pulau Luzon, pulau terbesar di Kepulauan Filipina. Keempat provinsi tersebut yakni Benguet, Mountain Province (Bontoc), Kalinga-Apayao, dan Ifugao.      Cordillera memang istimewa, pegunungan di sana bukan dataran tinggi biasa yang sekedar menawarkan panorama indah. Lapis demi lapis bentang alam…

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