Pajama Cardinalfish - Sphaeramia nematoptera

Commonly known with names such as Coral Cardinalfish, Pajama Cardinalfish, Polkadot Cardinal Fish, and Pyjama Cardinalfish, this little fish up to 8.5 cm in total length has the scientific name of Sphaeramia nematoptera (Perciformes - Apogonidae). 

This reef-associated fish forms aggregations among the branches of corals in sheltered bays and lagoons in the Indo-Pacific. They are mouthbrooders, the male guards the eggs by placing them inside the mouth; eggs take about a week to hatch, after which the young fish will become planktonic larvae.

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Photo credit: ©Franck Hervochon | Locality: Cabilao, Philippines (2014)


It’s Tea Time at Cafe Annabelle’s!

I spent the previous weekend with my mom (a.k.a the best-est gal pal ever) in the land of durian and pomelo, Davao City. We left from Cagayan de Oro on a Friday evening and arrived in Davao City the next morning. The 8-hour plus bus ride was a pain in the ass, literally. 

Since we were in the city for a short time, I only had the chance to visit one cute cafe. My mom and I were looking for a place to eat lunch in and we saw this pretty cafe inside Abreeza Mall. Cafe Anabelle’s is a must-try place for everyone who loves good food in a cute and colorful place. 

My mom and I ordered their combo meals which consists of a meal and soup of your choice, a bowl of either a sweet corn or pumpkin soup, and a plate of their dessert of the day. The pumpkin soup was good but since I’m a sucker for anything with corn, I liked the sweet corn soup better. My mom’s plate of fish fillet was a tad bit salty for her taste but it was good for me.

The beef and mushroom plate that I ordered was great. I love the tenderness of the beef. Most of the beef and mushroom meals I’ve had before wasn’t cooked well. The meat was always hard to chew, but Cafe Anabelle’s beef and mushroom is an exception. Their dessert of the day was lemon cake. My mom and I enjoyed the each of our slices. I’m in love with the sweet and tangy flavor. It was also quite moist too. Ahh! Thinking about it makes me wish I had a plateful of it right now.

The cafe gives off this homey and youthful vibe. The lovely mix of pastel colors made me feel like I’m in a little girl’s doll house. I love the floral wallpaper near the counter too. The cafe also has a play-area for your little boys and girls! The colorful wall decal and white picket fence is so cute, my heart can’t contain it! 

Cafe Anabelle’s is the right place to enjoy a good meal while your kids enjoy playing. I’ll definitely come back for more lemon cake and maybe try their tea time menu!

If you’re looking for a cute place to hang out, grab some tea or coffee, or enjoy plates and plates of delectable desserts, visit Cafe Anabelle’s at Level 1, Abreeza Mall, Ayala Business Park, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Poblacion District, Davao City.


Forgive me for the low quality photos. I tried to snap photos using my phone to check if the quality is a-okay since I’ll be saving my dslr for bigger shoots~teehee.

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Yolanda: The Year After

Tragedy struck the Philippines on the eighth of November, 2013 in the form of super typhoon Yolanda, otherwise known internationally as typhoon Haiyan.

An estimated 15,000,000 people were affected by its torrential rains, and the death toll has surpassed the officials’ ability to calculate. Official counting stopped at an estimated 4,000 deaths but the NDRRMC was able to count an estimated 6,300 deaths.

Aside from the deaths and the devastation and trauma the survivors acquired, the typhoon also left in its wake completely wrecked houses, empty buildings, ransacked establishments, flooded streets and wet debris from buildings destroyed by the strong winds.

Now, a year after the typhoon crossed the Philippine borders, the typhoon survivors are working hard to rebuild their lives and start over again despite the pain and trauma they have experienced. With the help from twenty-five countries collaborating with the government and a few non-government organizations, they were able to send food and medicines to the victims. They also procured tents for them to shelter in while they are still unable to find anywhere to permanently live in.

Although the Aquino administration has been working really hard to meet the needs of the victims, they are still unable to satisfy the victims’ demands. “It has been a year,” the victims cry out, “and still no real help has come from the government.” It’s no surprise they feel neglected, what with all the issues of graft and corruption circulating around the higher-ups of the government. A natural disaster can be devastating, but politics coupled with pride can worsen the disaster.

Whether the government has been neglectful or the victims’ expectation has been too great is a matter for discussion. But one thing is for sure, this typhoon is just another big stepping stone for the people to use to their advantage and become stronger and more prepared than ever before. Let us not depend on others to fight our wars for us, instead, face the music and take your problems down.

Last day in the Philippines was fun-filled and packed with adventures. 😄 Thanks Ate Cherylle for making mine and Chitra’s last day in the Philippines a memorable one! 😘❤️ I’ll miss my entire Kelsey family here. Thank you for making my trip the best one yet! #Philippines #LastDay #ThankfulForALLMyFamILY #EMariesTravelgram #CubaoExpo #Quiapo #CardAndPalmReading #UST #JeepneyRiding #MallOfAsia #NextStopThailand ✈️ (at All Over Manila, Philippines)

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