Philippine Pitviper - Trimeresurus flavomaculatus 

Trimeresurus flavomaculatus (Viperidae) is a venomous species of pitviper native to Philippines. These vipers are arboreal and oviparous, occurring almost exclusively in undisturbed rainforests. Its venom is not well known, but it is mainly hemotoxic causing generally mild symptoms.

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Photo credit: ©Olle Albinsson (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) | Locality: captive, Lunnarp, Skane, Sweden (2007)

Oct. 1, 1975 - Ali TKOs Frazier after the 14th round in ‘Thrilla in Manila’


The bout is often ranked as one of the greatest fights of 20th century boxing, and is the climax to the bitter rivalry between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. When Ali was stripped of the title in 1967 over his refusal to join the armed forces when drafted during the Vietnam War, Frazier had petitioned President Nixon to restore Ali’s right to box and even lent Ali money. When Ali finally got his license back, they met in the so-called Fight of the Century, the first time that two undisputed heavyweight champions had met in the ring. The mutual enmity emerged in the build up to the fight, when Ali turned on Frazier, describing him as an “Uncle Tom”, a “white man’s champion” and later, a “gorilla”. Frazier in turn riled Ali by referring to him by his birth name, Clay.

Afterwards the pair continued to trade insults, but by the time they met in a rematch, neither was a champion; Frazier had lost his title to George Foreman and Ali had recently been beaten by Ken Norton. In the build-up to the fight, the two had an infamous brawl in a TV studio while being interviewed by Howard Cosell. The fight itself was largely uneventful and Ali won on points. By 1975, Ali was champion again having unexpectedly regained the title by beating Foreman, whereas Frazier was thought to be washed up. Ali’s camp decided to give Frazier a title shot as a final payday for Joe before he retired. However, the fight proved to be a brutal, give and take affair, with each man taking a lot of punishment. The fight finally ended when Frazier’s trainer Eddie Futch refused to let Frazier come out for the 15th round, meaning Ali won by TKO.


Meanwhile, other than sanctions for those who violate the ordinance, the new city-wide ordinance also provides venues to educate employers and educators on the rights of LGBT individuals.

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okay can i just say that this is awesome and im hella proud that i live in this city.


JUMBOTRON ANNOUNCEMENT. Attention, mga pinsan and Filipino Patriots!

My friend, Ate Saii from Facebook, made a tshirt design for our fandom for Marie Lu’s signing here in the Philippines. You can place your order (or you can vote, maybe?) on this post from the Legend PH group. If you have any questions, you can comment it on the same post. :) I’ll update you guys once I have clarified how to order, also the shirt prices, etc.

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See you on the signing!


“With confidence in ourselves, we can achieve anything.” —- Plus Size Model, Timmy Mariano, form the interview, “The Emancipation Of Timmy Mariano”.

This is true. The real decision on whether or not we will achieve our dreams is within ourselves. People can keep on encouraging and supporting you, but if you do not believe in your own skills, then fear will only paralyze you to do the point of doing nothing.

So again, confidence is the key. You are great and you can do it.


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As our boat glides right into the placid cove, soaring karsts covered in thicket witness our entry. The water beneath us is patched by shallow reefs one sec, and deep green chasm the other. As we near the wooden jetty, our roaring double-bladed boat silences off to match the peace that the cove is. Though the sky is likely to cry, the place seems more alive.

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