In this photograph taken by the Associated Press photographer Aaron Favila, Filipino Victor Albano works on a small Nativity house, which he would sell for 500 peso (US$11) at his makeshift stall as people begin shopping for Christmas decorations in Manila. Christmas is the most important holiday in the Philippines, Asia’s most populous Roman Catholic nation, where a countdown starts as early as September. Albano, 39, said he sometimes takes home about 700 peso (US$16) a day during the season — about eight times the average daily wage. (Photograph Credit: Aaron Favila/Associated Press

So, this Filipino facebook page made this photoshopped Assassin’s Creed poster which is themed after the Philippine Revolution (and by proximity, the succeeding Filipino-American War, which not a lot of people know about)

The figure on the cover is wearing a uniform of the Philippine Revolutionary Army. But the theme isn’t what I want to stress here.

Obviously, what I want to share is the comment of the official Assassin’s Creed Facebook page (“Interesting…”). Yes, it’s legit; check the source.

Have we found the setting for a future Assassin’s Creed game? That’s pushing it, honestly, but at least we know that this setting is on their radar.

Personally, I wouldn’t call it “Rebellion,” though. “Revolution” sounds too close to “Revelations” (3rd AC game of the Ezio trilogy) as well. Insurrection would be an interesting choice as the Americans called the Filipino-American War the “Philippine Insurrection” to belittle the conflict as at the time, they did not recognize the Republic of the Philippines as a sovereign polity (also, in the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire, which preceded the Fil-Am War, Revolutionaries were called “Tulisan,” “Bandidos,” or “Insurrectos" among others, instead of "revolucionario," also to belittle the revolutionary cause).

But enough of that. If you want to read more, Wikipedia is reliable enough, I think; it’s not like we’re writing a paper. (Philippine Revolution) (Fil-Am War)

I think it’s a perfect setting. It can start in the 1880s with the Filipino Propagandists (in Madrid, Spain) as a prologue sequence, then you go to the Philippines itself for the main game in the 1890s when the Revolution takes place, and end the game in the early 1900s after the United States comes in and dissolves the First Republic of the Philippines after a bloody war. The history itself is chock-full of betrayal, hypocrisy, factionalism, imperialism, racism, and killing; perfect for an Assassin’s Creed game, huh?