• Princess:*comes out of the shower to see Papa standing there*
  • Papa:Well hi, baby girl! Why don't you come here?
  • Princess:*smiles and scurries to Papa*
  • Papa:*puts collar on princess* There. How does that feel?
  • Princess:Good! Are we going to play?
  • Papa:Yes we are! *leads princess to bed*
  • Princess:What kind of game?
  • Papa:A counting game!
  • Princess:What kind of counting game?! *lays down*
  • Papa:We're going to count and see how many times Papa can make you cum. However many times you cum, I'll buy you that many pieces of candy!
  • Princess:*excited squeal turns into moans as Papa buries his head between her legs*
S: And so, when they were discussing the scene where Sousuke gives Gou his jackets, all of a sudden, the editing director Takao-san said: “I’M IN SHOCK!” and when asked about what, he said “I THOUGHT GOU-CHAN WAS GOING OUT WITH REI!”
to which Yoneda-san, in charge of colors, replied “I thought she was with Mako-chan!” and an assistant to the editing director said “Me too!”. And so the staff started fighting a bit about who Gou-chan was going out with. But director Utsumi raised her voice, saying “Everyone, calm down! Gou isn’t going out with anyone!”
And so, we could go back to work