This first image is of the traffic stats for This Is Phil Fish. I’m sharing this just to point out: whatever popularity I have at the moment is owed almost entirely to the circumstances of far more popular people.

The second image is something Tom Francis said. Similarly to how Steam is so big that you can survive on a tiny sliver of its user base, people like Notch are so big that they can make you, momentarily, a kinda big deal with a single link. You can be marginally famous on 1% of their fame.

Anyway. I’m basically done discussing internet fame for the time being. I’m not saying this stuff to draw attention to myself, but more because it’s given me a lot to think about. But now I’m going to put my head down for a bit and just make the next video. Cheers.


Indie developer comes forward in light of recent allegations against Zoe Quinn with accusation of sexual harassment. Phil Fish and other Indie developers immediately harass the apparent victim, favourited by one of the indie devs Zoe Quinn cheated with, Robin Arnott.


This is beginning to unravel some wierd indie dev social web and I CANT HELP BUT PAY ATTENTION

Indie Game: The Movie

(2012) Not Rated - 1hr 43m

This captivating documentary follows several independent game designers as they painstakingly develop their games and hope for breakthrough success. It also explores the quirky sensibility these personalities bring to their art form.

8.0/10 - IMDB

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