Spelling Bee
  • Phia:How do you spell "B"?
  • Daddy:Well the letter "B" is just "B" but the animal Bee is spelled B.E.E. And there is also another kind of "B" like "what do you want to 'be' when you grow up?" that is just spelled B.E.
  • Phia:Oh... what do you want to be when you grow up, Daddy?
  • Daddy:LOL, silly, I'm already grown up and I'm an engineer.
  • Phia:No you're not because you don't say "all aboard!"
  • Daddy:That's because I'm not a train engineer; I'm an environmental engineer.
  • Phia:Do "umbrella engineers" take care of kids?
  • Daddy:No, environmental engineers take care of the environment.
  • Phia:Awww, I wanted you to be my parent when you grow up.
The Scientific Method

We were discussing the scientific method a bit since Phia is going to play the role of scientist in her school presentation about gravity:

Phia: I have another hypopithis!
Daddy: Oh yeah, what?
Phia: I think lions don’t get thorns in their paws, even when they run really fast, because they have pads on there feet. Do you wanna know how I’m gonna test it?
Daddy: How?
Phia: I’m gonna ride on a lion when I’m a teenager.

I wouldn't go that far... LOL!
  • When I got home from work, Phia was soaking in the tub so I went in to enjoy the new TV for a few minutes. I was just stretching a bit and watching Hard Knocks when Phia ran into the living room and jumped on me...
  • Phia:I love you! I love you!
  • Daddy:Oh, I love you too!
  • Phia:You're the best Daddy ever! I missed you so much!
  • Daddy:Oh, you're so sweet...have you just been waiting for me to get home all day?
  • Phia:Well, not exactly. I've been playing with my Mommy.
This Morning's Conversations...

About 7 o’clock I heard Phia saying she had to go pee so I told her that she should just get up and go. She said, “Okay, I do know where the bathroom is.”

But I got up anyway to turn the lights on for her and make sure everything went okay. I handed her some toilet paper when she was done taking the worlds longest pee and she said, “Thank you.”  

Then we went back to her room and I laid down with her and we cuddled up.  Phia giggled, “Oh gosh, your moustache hair just went up this nostril and, heehee, it tingled!”

Phia told me her feet weren’t covered so I adjusted the blanket and we had the following conversation:

Phia: I love you Daddy

Daddy: I love you too. I love you the most.

Phia: I love Mommy the most.

Daddy: Oh, I love Mommy too.

Phia: Well, actually, I love mommy and daddy the most. I love mommy and you a googolplex. Actually, I love you both infinity.

*From there the conversation somehow turned to a discussion of gender appropriate colors*

Phia: Someone at my school said there are girl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but I said there are only boy TMNT’s. Are there girl TMNT’s?

Daddy: I don’t think so but I guess there could be.

Phia: She said one of them wears a purple mask.

Daddy: Oh, well that doesn’t mean he’s a girl. Boys can wear purple too. There are no such thing as boy or girl colors.

Phia: Yeah, I like pink but I also like blue. Black is the darkest color I can think of.

*And this led to dinosaurs*

Phia: Dinosaurs are black or they can be brown. The only thing I know about Tyrannosaurus Rex is that they are green and they have tails and big teeth.

Daddy: And they have short little arms.

Phia: I didn’t know that. How can they eat people with short little arms?

Daddy: With their mouths! But actually, people and dinosaurs didn’t exist at the same time so they didn’t actually eat people.

Phia: Then what did they eat, meat or something?

Daddy: Yes, they ate small dinosaurs.

Phia: Ha ha, it must be really hard to find small dinosaurs!