I did a thing for my really great friend Uchi! (pheoniic/uchithepheo)

She’s a really cool kid who treats  me really well although I rarely have the time to talk to her anymore. She also draws REALLY SUPER WELL and has SUPER RAD characters. GO GIVE HER ALL YOUR LOVE

But, yeah. this is Nij. She’s a cutie patootie. And naturally I couldn’t leave Yaz out of the picture (the little sheep boy) because he’s adorable and the first character of Uchi’s that I ever met. I need to draw lots more art to make up for the attention I haven’t given you, Uchi! Who should I draw next? maybe JAM???? (oh my god really, do you remember her? I do lol)

Finally done with this thing! I’m pretty happy that I was able to finish this- usually I never get around to finishing things that last over 3 months!

But yeah, this is my very flawed angel-plant hybrid character Ibara who is turning orange for winter. His body can’t handle hibernation so he gets incredibly sick instead.

That’s why he looks so disturbed. D: …Poor Ibs.

Dang! Don’t tell me I’m late on the fanart train because the album was already pre-released! x,D

As a huge fan I had to do some nice and colorful Daft Punk fanart to celebrate the release of Random Access Memories!
Sadly its Just Guy-Manuel… I’ll have to do Thomas another time. :I

Also I’ve had this sitting in my Documents folder for a couple months now.

"Look at these petals, Steven"

So I’m actually a huge fan of Steven Universe so I had to draw a little fanart of my favorite gem. ; u ;

This is also for my friend Cooky as a belated christmas gift because she wanted me to draw pearl! :D

Hope you like it Cooky!

If you guys haven’t heard of Steven Universe, I suggest checking it out because it’s adorable, has great characters and a great message. 

It makes me grin like crazy every time.

That foreshortened arm Aghhh. Well I tried.