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2011Central Japan Yo-Yo Contest 1A 1st Hiroyuki Suzuki

Hiroyuki Suzuki a.k.a Mickey adalah seorang pemain yoyo yang menempati posisi kedua di event World Yoyo Contest pada tahun 2010 lalu.. pada video ini dia menempati posisi pertama di event Central Japan Yo-Yo Contest 2011 pada divisi 1A. dan pada awal tahun ini juga situs YoyoAddict (online store) miliknya dilaunch dalam versi jepang.. dan menurut rumor yang ada.. situs YoyoAddict itu akan dibuat juga versi USnya (tapi belum tau kapan launchnya). pada event Central Japan ini dia menempati posisi pertama dengan rincian score sebagai berikut : TE : 67.7 PS : 24.0 Total : 91.7 Selamat Menyakiskan =)


Review YOYOJAM PHENOMIZM (YoyoAddict 24k)


Company = YOYOJAM
Name = Phenomizm
Signature = Hiroyuki “Mickey” Suzuki , colorway : YoyoAddict
Designed in = USA 
Made in = USA 
Year = 2010
Shape = sharp angular with mirror cap
Material = plastic + aluminum (24k gold plated) weight ring
Weight = 67.02gr
Diameter = 56.14mm 
Width = 38.94mm 
Catch zone width = app 34.40mm 
Gap width = unavailable (unable to unscrew the halves)
Gap type = fixed
Hub type = flat wall, capped
Finishing = raw plastic + gold plated weight ring
Graphic = graphic on the caps
Axle = unavailable (unable to unscrew the halves)
Bearing = type C (.250 x .500 x .187 in), dife-yo kk bearing, stainless steel 
Bearing seat = spin solid system
Response system = YYJ silicone pad

Who is in yoyo world that doesn’t know the infamous Hiroyuki “Mickey” Suzuki? Yes, the 3 times world champion and countless other titles. At the beginning of his YoyoAddict company, YYJ release a YYA limited edition of Phenomizm. Phenomizm is the plastic version of Phenom (read here for my Phenom’s review) which both are Mickey’s signature line for this year.

Siapa sih yang ga tau Hiroyuki “Mickey” Suzuki yang udah pernah jadi juara dunia 3 kali dan masih banyak prestasinya yang laen? Nah di awal mula perusahaan milik dia, YoyoAddict, YYJ berkolaborasi sama YYA buat ngerelease 24k Phenomizm. Phenomizm sendiri merupakan versi plastik dari kakaknya, Phenom, yang reviewnya loe bisa liat disini. Keduanya merupakan signaturenya Mickey tahun ini.

There has been rumours that a lot of people find izm is much better than phenom, but I haven’t got a chance to try them both. So when I saw this 24k version, I decided to get one. I just love the colorway.

Banyak yang bilang kalo izm lebih enak dari phenom, tapi gue belon sempet aja dapet izm. Nah, pas gue liat izm yang ini, gue mutusin untuk dapetin yoyo ini karena gue suka banget paduan warnanya.

Well, let’s review this white and gold beauty then.

Comes with standard YYJ packaging, yes, the green transparent plastic box, it’s kinda lowering the glamour image a little bit, but it does a great job to protect the yoyo.

24k phenomizm dikemas di dalam kemasan standard YYJ, box plastik warna ijo. Kalo buat gue sih rada rada ga cocok, kurang glamour gimana gitu, tapi cukup efektif buat ngelindungin yoyonya.

Just like any other YYJ, 24k izm comes heavily lubed on its bearing so you have to break it in or wash the bearing. I chose the first, and it doesn’t take too long until it was completely unresponsive, and so my review begins :D

Kayak ampir semua YYJ, bearing 24k izm juga dilumasi cukup tebel jadi kalo loe mau maen unresponsive, loe harus either cuci bearingnya atau maenin sampre break in. Yang gua pilih buat review ini tuh dimaenin sampe break in.

My first throw was, wow wow wow. I forgot that I was throw instead of a full metal one. It was solid and powerful, eventhough there’s a slight vibe at the end of the string. The spintime also unbelieveable for a hybrid throw.

Kesan lemparan pertama gue itu wow, wow, wow! Gue sampe lupa kalo gue ngelempar yoyo hybrid, bukan yoyo full metal. Kerasa banget solidnya dan sangat bertenaga puterannya. Biar ada 
Sedikit vibe di ujung string, tapi smaa sekali ga ganggu performancenya. Spintimenya juga sangat luar biasa untuk yoyo hybrid. 

In term of playablility, well all I can say is this izm is so “Mickey” super fast, agile, accurate. It can move anywhere through any string configurations super fast and always hit the string without any difficulties.

Kalo soal performanya, gue bisa bilang kalo izm ini “Mickey” banget. Super cepet, lincah, dan akurat. Yoyo ini bisa ngelakuin apa aja yang bisa loe lempar dan punya tingkat presisi yang luar biasa, jadi sangat ngemudahin loe buat ngelakuin trik.

It has a perfect weight to play fast, just enough weight to add some power to it where the weight feel is just a little more to solid side. To be honest, I found the mid weight ring YYJ installed does a great job. It adds a lot of stability and sufficient rim weight so it generates such a unique feel that suitable for modern yoyo playability requirements. Long spintime, great stability off axis and against tilting, and the most important is you got a longer mint yoyo ^^. 

Yooy ini punya berat yang sempurna buat maen cepet, cukup berat buat nambahin power, jadi feel overallnya lebih ke arah solid. Gue bilang sih YYJ weight ring yang baru ni ok banget lho. Dia nambahin stabilitas tapi juga rim weight, jadi cocok banget buat maen modern yoyo playstyle. Jadi loe bisa dapet yoyo yang stabil dengan spintime yang lama, dan juga bonus yoyo mint yang lebih lama ^^.

You ding metals, you got an instant ding (most of the cases), but when you ding a plastic, you got a better chance. And this izm plastic is so strong, so I decided to play 5a with it, and after quite a few ding, it doesn’t even have a scratch!

Kalo loe nge ding in yoyo metal, kebanyakan langsung deh penyok/scrath, tapi kalo plastik, terutama plastik yang kuat, masih ada kemungkinan ga berbekas. Dan plastiknya izm ini kuat banget lho, sampe gue pake buat 5a dan udah ding beberapa kali, tetep aja ga ada bekasnya sama sekali.

The shape is also doing a great contribution to its playability. Simple angular shape make the string-halves friction lesser so it’s perfect for today’s horisontal play.

Bentuknya juga cocok banget buat maen horisontal, karena bentuknya yang tajem dan punya wall yang sangat pendek, jadi string ga banyak bergesek sama halvesnya

Difeyo kk bearing + YYJ silicone pad, work quite awesome, long spintime with nice bind. But I found the YYJ pad’s lifetime is quite short for me, for about half my usuall pad’s lifetime. 

Ga bisa komplain kalo dikasih difeyo kk bearing :) smooth and reliable. Nah, YYJ silicone padnya juga enak banget buat bind, empuk. Tapi kok umurnya agak lebih pendek dari pad pad yang biasa gua pake :( 

The problem arised when I finally had to change my pad after days of 5a abuse :D hey, it’s still as smooth as day one. When I tried to unscrew the halves, it won’t open, it kept turning, like the axle and the halves is not connected. And I just remember that YYJ just installed solid spin axle system on all its yoyos, so I decided to call my modder friend. The modder’s advise is to cut out the izm’s nipple, so it can be unscrewed. Well, I guess I have to do that soon, or else I can’t play with it :(

Masalahnya mulai ada setelah gue make yoyo ini buat 5a wkwkwkw disiksa abis :p tapi setelah abuse yang luar biasa itu, yoyo ini masih sesmooth hari pertama :) kuat banget nih yoyo. Nah waktu gue harus ganti pad nya, gue ga bisa buka halvesnya. Halvesnya muter terus tapi ga mau kebuka. Waktu gue hubungin G (modder gue ) dia saranin buat motong tutup axle di halvesnya, jadi bisa ditahan axlenya. Kayaknya harus cepet cepet gue kirim nih ke dia secara ni yoyo ajib abis.


speed, slow (1) - fast (10) = 9
spin time, short (1) - long (10) = 9
weight feel, floaty (1) - solid (10) = 7 
weight distribution, center weight (1) - rim weight (10) = 8
smoothness, rough (1) - smooth (10) = 8
stability against tilting, unstable (1) - stable (10) = 8 
off axis stability, unstable (1) - stable (10) = 8
grinding capability, short (1) - long (10) = 1
appearance, humble (1) - dazzling (10) = 9 

24k phenomizm is one of those yoyos that has beauty and playability in it. Elegant combination of white and gold color plus solid throw, super fast and precise play. One that could be your priceless collection and also your best arsenal. But you got to more cautious to the axle issues ^^.

24k phenomizm adalah salah satu yoyo yang punya aspek playability dan keindahan di dalemnya, jadi bisa loe koleksi dan juga bisa jadi yoyo andalan loe. Paduan warna putih dan emas yang elegan dan feel yang solid dan super cepat ditambah bahan yang super kuat, bikin yoyo ini sangat istimewa. Tapi ati ati soal axle ya ^^.