Twenty Four Hours || Meg and Hayden

She hadn’t slept well at all, but that was hardly anything new. Meg hadn’t slept well for about 12 months now — that she could remember at least — and she was sure the soft shaking in her hands was indicative of the lack of rest her body was getting. Her head was already somewhat sore, adding the sense of foreboding she already felt toward having to spend an entire day with Hayden.

Going to the coffee shop her boss preferred, she ordered his usual and added a few extra shots to hers, knowing that she would need some kind of energy to face the day. Liquid energy was her favourite, though alcohol was preferable, coffee would suffice until she was secreted away from people who knew she wasn’t 21 yet. Once the coffee was in her hands, they seemed to shake less, clearly knowing how important the thick brown liquid was to both her and Hayden. 

She made her way to his office, knocking as best as she could before opening the door with her elbow, “Morning, Sir.” she said as evenly as she could manage.