Submitted by Josh
Found at Phat Philly in San Francisco, CA

Amoroso roll. Better meat than you get in Philly. They offer whiz, American, and provolone, but I always go with their own version of whiz made with cheddar and beer. As a bonus for East-coast expats like myself they sell Utz potato chips and Tastykakes. I miss Pat’s, but this makes me miss it a whole lot less. (Also, there’s never a wait and the staff is polite. Maybe that’s what makes it inauthentic?)
– Josh 

This looks like the real deal. From all that I’ve seen and heard, Phat Philly seems to do us justice from across the country. I’m only allowing their own version of whiz because it’s made with beer; I mean, it sounds good at least.


Tuesday, July 16th
Sutter & Montgomery | 11:30a - 1:30p

Rice Paper Scissors

Inspired by Vietnam’s sidewalk dining and street food, co-founders Valerie Luu and Katie Kwan started popular SF pop-up Rice Paper Scissors. With their own unique take on bánh mì, phở rolls, and five-spice chicken, all you need is one of their iconic red stools and a little sidewalk space to enjoy.

  • Beef & Mushroom Pho Rolls 
  • Vegetarian Smoked Duck Bahn Mi
  • Goi Ga - Chicken and Cabbage Salad 
  • Ga Roti & Red Rice Plate

Phat Philly

Thank goodness for Phat Philly or else where would all the Californians eat philly cheesesteaks?!  Perfectly cooked with sweet onions and a side of pepper, this classic cheesesteak has everything Philadelphia offers. They were also nominated for “BEST San Francisco sandwich” on SF City Voter, A List. 

  • Classic Philly Cheesesteak 
  • Chicken Cheesesteak 
  • Spicy Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak


Monday, June 17th
#SoMa 2nd & Mission, 11:45am - 1:15pm Phat Philly: Classic cheesesteak, combo cheesesteak beef, broccoli rabe & portobello cheesesteak, California chicken cheesesteak Balompie Cafe: Pork & cheese pupusas, spinach & cheese pupusa plate, squash & cheese pupusa Kasa Indian Eatery: Chicken tikka masala plate, lamb curry kati rolls, gobi aloo plate Urban Rabbit Salads: Steak & couscous, the vegan, chicken Cobb