Golden-headed Quetzal (Pharomachrus auriceps)

…a species of quetzal (a group of trogons) that occurs in the Andes of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. Golden-headed quetzal typically inhabit humid highland forests and are solitary. P. auriceps is sexually dimorphic with females sporting a duller coloration and a grayer head, and males sporting an iridesent green coloration with a golden cast to their heads. Golden-headed quetzals feed mostly on fruit and insects, lizards are occasionally taken as well.


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Trogoniformes-Trogonidae-Pharomachrus-P. auriceps

Image: chdwckvnstrsslhm


My Work I’m starting a new stage where I want to spread not only my knowledge of Costa Rica wildlife but as well awareness about the major threats and actions we can take to preserve it for the future. I’m a big birdnerd btw haha In order of appearance from top left to right corner: Rufous-collared Ground Sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis) Golden-olive Woodpecker Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides) Resplendant Quetzal (Pharomachrus moccino) White throated monkey (Cebus capuchinus) Yellow-crowned Euphonia (Euphonia hirundinacea) Long-tailed Manakin (Chiroxiphia linearis) Chiriqui Quail-Dove (Zentrygon chiriquensis) Self portrait in a view point of Arenal Volcano from Monteverde My nephew Aaron and his Puppy Cocoa joined me for a hike thru our family’s conservation area in Monteverde.