College of Pharmacy ChristmasParty 2013 ^_^

Yey! I’m back here on tumblr. Tagal ding nagparamdam dahil sa sobrang busy sa school. Anyhoo ayun kanina eh xmas party nmin. Ang saya super. ^_^ Panu ba naman andun si Jollibee. Sumayaw siya syempre. Ang nakakaloka kasi eh medyo lumndi siya. Haha. Sinayaw nya ang dalawa kong ka-college. Tas nakipag-showdown din. Hihi. Ang kalog nya. Siya dahilan kaya kami nag-enjoy parang may kiddie party kasi kame. Nanalo din pala kami sa ‘picture me’. :))))

Pharmacy Fun Fest

Today was freakin’ tiring and the weather was so intensely hot! I was like in a big oven being baked alive. But I had an awesome time cheering for our section’s players in every game they participated in. I almost lost my voice due to excessive screams and shouts. xD I started screaming for cheers last Wednesday. That was the official start of our Pharmacy days until this Saturday. This event was prolly one of the best this year. I loved every program the student councils organized and I salute you, people, for that. :D You’ve exerted so much effort just to perfect the promised events. Awesome.ย