Tomorrow (Saturday, 12/6/14) I’ll be putting up some wintery Transformers sticker sets for sale in my etsy shop! Each pack comes with 12 stickers total and will be $8 USD per pack plus shipping ($1 in the United States, $2.50 internationally). Each sticker measures roughly 2” at its widest/longest part (depending on the sticker’s shape) give or take a millimeter or two. C:

Each sticker is handmade and coated in a nice tough finish, making them shiny and water resistant (though not waterproof)! There will be 11 sets for sale total.

I’ll be putting them up for sale around 8pm est if anyone is interested! My etsy shop can be found at etsy.com/shop/beearebee

Thanks for looking! <3


1: “Happy to talk. Happy to listen to the panic in your voice.”

2: “I had them delivered. Though we’d make this a bit of reunion.”

—Crazy Robot Doctor