Yes, a pharmaceutical CEO just said this

Dekkers quote is rooted in his anger towards the Indian pharmaceutical company Natco Pharma Ltd., which was granted a license to make a generic version of Nexaver. Nexaver treats late-stage kidney and liver cancer at a 97% reduced price. Instead of costing an estimated $69,000 for a year of medication, patients in India can now receive the same treatment for $177.

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highasafuckingbanana said:

I'm so sorry about your acne. I found this cream a few years ago. It's amazing, I dedicate my life to it. Honestly, use it a few days and you will notice a difference. I accidentally came over it when I was out of my normal face cream, and this was the only thing I could find in the house. It's used for psoriasis, but it's also very effective for acne. It's called ACNO cream, from Schumacher Pharamaceuticals. It's a white tube with a red line at the top, + it's herbal. Good luck xx

Oooo!! Thank you sooo much *_* 

I’ll definitely check it out!

Ahh Having acne is so terrible .. but hopefully it’ll go away by the time I hit my 20s?? Maybe earlier? :-)