The Boyfriend Tag


Summary: Dan and Phil finally make a video together after Dan’s viewers bug him about it, ‘The Boyfriend Tag’, and Dan thinks that his viewers will love Phil just like he does. After he uploads the video, they discover that Phil gets a lot of hate so Dan comforts Phil and makes him feel better. 

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,955


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The Music Room -Chapter Two

Description : AU in which Dan’s suicidal and meets Phil in a music shop at 5am. Phil takes in an interest in Dan and admires the way Dan plays piano. Slowly, he begins the unravel the mystery that is Dan Howell.
Trigger Warnings: Self Harm, bullying and suicidal thoughts.
A/N : I’m trying to get back in to writing phanficiton again so feedback would be very much appreciated. Every read/like/reblog means the world :’)


Dan slipped back in to the house stealthily and closed his bedroom door behind him as quietly as he could. Did that really just happen? He thought to himself in disbelief. He felt a little dizzy. Unusual things like that didn’t happen to Dan, they just didn’t. He was the least interesting person he knew and most people avoided him like the plague, or didn’t care to give him a second glance. But Phil the stranger, the beautiful stranger with bright blue eyes and a cherry blossom smile had shown Dan more kindness than anyone else he’d ever met in his life.

However before Dan could muse about the stranger any longer, his thoughts were soon interrupted by the incessant ringing of his alarm clock. He sighed sadly. Back to reality, he thought bitterly and began packing his bag. He packed all the necessary books for his lessons and left the house hastily, not even bothering to say goodbye to his family. He grabbed a breakfast biscuit on the way out and nibbled on it as he walked.

He skipped through the playlist on his iPod impatiently because for some reason Moonlight Sonata just wasn’t the right song to listen to at 8.00 in the morning. 
As soon as he walked through the door in to his form room it was as if this morning had never even happened, that it was just a distant memory or a vivid dream. 

Dan sighed and took his seat in the back corner quickly, he was one of the first to arrive. You’d think he’d be one of the last considering the fact that he hated the place so Goddamn much, but arriving early meant no-one bothered him and there was something strangely therapeutic about walking through empty corridors in the early hours of the morning.

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A Day in the Life

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1765

Warnings: None

Description: An assortment of some short clips from an “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil” video, AU where Dan and Phil are in a public relationship. Written from the viewers POV. *shrugs*

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Addictions (Blackwood//Two Roads Meet crossover)

A/N: TGIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE I LOVE CROSSOVERS anyway yse hi i hope you enjoy i’ve been meaning to publish this for literally about 3 months but i had to wait until trm’s over otherwise this wont make sense btu yes here hi bye

summary: blackwood!phil sneaks out at night to smoke but when he discovers he’s not the only one out there the night ends up somewhere a little different than cigarettes and loneliness 


A packet of Marlboro, and a clear night. That was all Phil needed.
He’d managed to gently untangle himself from Dan’s embrace in their sleeping bag, wriggle out without waking him, and slip out of the tent creating minimal noise or disturbance. He’d promised Dan he was going to quit soon, so sneaking out for a crafty cigarette at 2:30am probably wasn’t the best thing to be caught doing.
Much to his convenience, the fullness of the moon served as a pretty efficient light to guide him down the overgrown path away from the campsite and towards the open field nearby the river. Out of all the places Phil could’ve chosen to smoke, he figured this would be the quietest, and also the nicest-looking. If he was going to damage his lungs like he was about to, why not do it in a nice place?
He paced through the field, the seemingly infinite grass brushing against his legs as he breathed in the cold night air, simply appreciating the silence that was so rare in the surroundings he had to contend with during the day. He had half a mind to go back and wake Dan up to share the moment with him, but judging by the box and lighter he held in his hands, he figured it might not be the best option right now.
Maybe he’d be better off alone.

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The Wrong Window

a.k.a. what happens when I can’t think of a proper title.

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Fluff (I guess), AU

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

Summary: Dan gets drunk when staying in Manchester and ends up getting lost on his way back from a party. He ends up at a block of flats where his friend lives, but what will happen when he climbs in the wrong window, only for his idol AmazingPhil to be the one to find him in the morning?

Word Count: 3,921

A/N: So I saw this prompt (getting drunk and climbing in the wrong window and waking up shirtless on a stranger’s couch) and thought it was really cute and wanted to write something for it, and also needed something to practice with as I pretty much haven’t written anything since April. So this happened. Re-reading it and it’s not as bad as I thought it was, but it’s not my best either (feedback still appreciated though). I said I’d post it though, so here we go.

Oh and I seem to have developed a habit of starting each new section with a single word sentence, sorry.

Also so much dialogue in this ugh kill me.

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Fluff Phan Masterlist

Butterfly by dannihowell

Summary: The seventh edition of A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil. This time, their two year old is the focus.

Childish by kaleidanscope

Summary: Dan sucks his thumb and Phil thinks its adorable. 

Cute In Glasses by nightospherian

Summary: Phil has to wear glasses and gets self-conscious. 

Do You Ever Stop Talking? by adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: Dan and Phil are having a fight, like a really big one and then Dan accidentally admits he’s in love with Phil so then it turns into phan.

He’s Your Bear Too by youtubers-for-all

Summary: Phil is sick and Dan is trying to take care of him. 

It’s All In The Eggs by dhilandpan

Summary: Phil is really difficult when he is sick, but Dan doesn’t actually mind taking care of his demanding boyfriend.

No Need To Play It Cool by thatsmistertoyou

Summary: Based off of this post x.

Oh, God I’m Sick Of Sleeping Alone - howellslester

Summary: Dan has trouble sleeping. 

Okay by danalingphil

Summary: 19 y/o Dan’s in uni and gets stressed with all the studying and everything so Phil tries to help him to relax.

Parenthood by howellful

Summary: Dan and Phil, now in their mid-30s, are happily married. They adopt two children, Annie and Ben; these are some experiences they have as parents through the years. 

Sleepy Bear by placentaandllamas

Summary: Pure fluff. 

Sleepy Kisses by cuddlephan

So Cliche’ But That’s Them by phanbubble

Summary: Dan loves Phil, Phil doesn’t know. Phil loves Dan, Dan doesn’t know. It’s so cliché, but that’s just them.

Texts To Louise by danalingphil

Summary: Dan’s texts to Louise asking for advice about Phil.

The 10 Times Dan Said He Didn’t Like Kids by internetkilledphan

Summary: Dan has never really liked children.He never knew what to do with them, how to act around them. But he’s on his way to learning.

The Alphabet by kaleidanscope

Summary: Dan and Phil discuss baby names.

The Big Wheel by alldatphan

Summary: Dan and Phil’s first meeting in Manchester.

The Thermal Shirt by danalingphil

Summary: Dan plays with Phil’s thermal shirt.

Third Time Lucky by kaleidanscope

Summary: Dan keeps trying to ask Phil the ‘big question’, and Phil is a little oblivious to it.

Two Daddies by the-fantasticxfoursome

Summary: It’s almost Mother’s Day and the class is required to make cards or something for their mommies, but little Emily has a problem, she has no mommy. She has two daddies.

Vanilla by baaozii

Summary: Just pure fluff.  

Where Dreams Come True by youtubers-for-all

Summary: AU where Phil is a Disney prince working at Disney World and Dan meets him. 

Can't Catch Me!


Summary: see the prompt laddeh^^

Genre: Fluff, fluff, gallons of the stufff


“Tag!” Phil cried, turning to run away from his brown-haired friend.

Dan giggled and followed after him, chasing him down the hallway and into the living room.

“Wow, Dan, you should get back to that personal trainer of yours!” Phil stated, giggling as he jumped over the couch as a shortcut.

“Yeah, yeah, says you, Lester!” Dan retorted, trailing after Phil as he led them into the kitchen. “I’ve almost got you!”

“No you haven’t! Can’t catch me!” Phil teased, dashing u the stairs.

“Not fair!” Dan whined, falling behind “You’re a double stepper!”

“Too bad, so sad!” Phil called as he ran into Dan’s room.

Dan hoped up the stairs and ran into his room, looking for Phil. Nowhere to be seen.

“Phil?” Dan called, confused. “Phil I know you’re in here!”

Suddenly, a rustling came from behind the door and Phil popped out, running out of Dan’s room, giggling hysterically.

“I swear to God, you are hyperactive!” Dan cried, chasing after him. “No more Oreos for you today!”

“Shut up! My life, my rules!” Phil called.

“Besides, I’ve almost caught you!” Dan replied.

Phil turned his head to see that Dan was about two feet behind him, almost within reaching distance. He squealed and picked up his pace, turning to run into his bedroom.

Jumping on his bed, Phil realised he had nowhere to go, he looked around frantically as Dan entered the room, running straight for the bed. He opened his arms and tackled Phil to the bed, straddling him and pinning down his wrists.

“Geroff me, you’re too heavy!” Phil grumbled, wriggling about beneath Dan.

“Rude!” Dan exclaimed, his mouth changing into an ‘O’ shape. “Oh, you’re in for it Lester!”

Dan let go of Phil’s wrists and dug his hands into Phil’s underarms, wriggling his fingers around and grinning cheekily. Phil let out a shriek, slamming his fists onto the bed, giggling wildly.

“Dahahahan! Nohohoho!” Phil cried, wriggling around.

“Not until you apologise for being such a meanie-pants.” Dan said, trailing his fingers down to Phil’s stomach and fluttering them.

“Fihihine! I’m sahaharry!” Phil squealed.

Dan smirked and continued, ignoring Phil’s previous words.

Suddenly, Phil found the strength to reach up an arm and drag a finger down the nape of Dan’s neck, making him shiver and collapse in a pile next to Phil.

“Ew, no! I feel violated…” Dan said, pulling a tragic face.

“You were asking for it by tickling me, jerk-face.” Phil said, poking Dan’s stomach.

“No, it was your fault for calling me fat, poo-head.” Dan retorted, poking Phil’s cheek.

“Oh shut up you idiot, let’s cuddle.” Phil said, wrapping his arms around Dan’s middle and pulling his back to Phil’s chest.

Dan sighed and snuggled into Phil, feeling his heartbeat thump against his back. Phil traced tiny circles into Dan’s sides, making him shiver and close his eyes, trying to follow the patterns as if they were roads.

“Dan, if you had to be either a unicorn, or a flying penguin, which would you pick?” Phil asked randomly.

“Flying penguin, because Unicorns are so 20th century.” Dan replied.

“Centuriiiies! Remember me for centuriiiies!” Phil sang, tapping out the tune into Dan’s side, making him giggle.

“Do-do-doodoo!” Dan added, closing his eyes again, the song now stuck on replay in his head.

“I do love a bit of Fall Out Boy, takes me right back to the good days.” Phil said, closing his eyes and breathing in the smell of Dan’s hair.

“Why are you sniffing me, you strange human?” Dan asked, giggling.

“Because you smell amazing, your hair smells like golden syrup and raspberries, have you been bathing in a bakery or something?”

“No, I just smell like a walking pancake all the time because I stole your bodywash.” Dan replied, smirking.

“Hey! I was wondering where that went!” Phil exclaimed, pouting.

“Oh, did I say that out-loud, I mean, erm, I used it to wash my pet llama, who was seriously in need of a bath, so it went to a worthy cause.” Dan replied, giggling to himself.

“Hm, you escaped this time, Howell.” Phil said, raising his eyebrows.

The two stayed quiet for a few more minutes, Phil tracing mindless shapes into Dan’s stomach whilst Dan lay there and listened to Phil’s steady breathing lull him into a warm sleep.

Phil yawned aggressively, rubbing his eyes before realising Dan was asleep. He cooed at the look of innocence and youth on Dan’s face, before laying back down and closing his own eyes.

“Sweet dreams, Bear.” Phil said, before drifting off to sleep.

Dan cracked open his eyes, his dreams disturbed by Phil’s gentle snores. He grinned before whispering:

“Caught you.”


I’m sorry for not posting on here for a little while!

But I hope you enjoyed that little drabble :3

Prompts are always taken! Imagines are always open!

Feel free to leave me any in my ask box!

And I will see you all later, my little herd of gangly phil-giraffes.


*hugs you all super-tight because I love all of you guys*

*no seriously you’re all beautiphil*


Never Lose Your Flames

Words: 15,237 

Warnings: Smoking, slight mentions of domestic abuse/violence, slight mentions of alcohol.

Genre: Angst/Fluff.

Summary: Title from this song. Kind of based on this edit of Dan, and this prompt I got a while back. Dan’s life is a bit of a wreck, his parents hate each other and are so busy yelling at each other that they’ve forgotten he even exists. He stays away from home as much as possible, finding solace in the woods at the edge of town. 

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The Shoot

Dan and Phil dreaded photo-shoots. Somehow they felt that no matter how hard they tried they would either look like serial killers or a deer caught in the headlights and this wasn’t even an informal photo-shoot. It was a professional shoot with big professional lights and an annoying cameraman who would tell them how to move and make their face look.

Dan nervously tapped his fingers against the smooth leather seat of the taxi. They were to select clothes at the shoot itself. What if he looked weird in them? What if the straighteners don’t work? The speed at which he tapped his fingers against the car seat increased as he thought of more disasters that could take place. Phil noticed his boyfriend’s and gently placed his hand over Dan’s and intertwined their fingers. Phil’s soft ones with Dan’s calloused which somehow had always complimented each other. Phil then whispered “You’ll be fine, bear. If we look like serial killers, we can look like serial killers together!” Dan playfully punched Phil’s shoulder and said “Sure. That makes me feel so much better.” Phil gently kissed Dan’s dimpled cheek. “You always look gorgeous to me.” Dan looked down at their intertwined hands and felt himself blush.

They reached their destination and as they walked in they were met with several hugs and greeting from all the other youtubers; Louise, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Joe, Casper, Jim and Tanya who were all getting their hair and make-up done. “Dan Howell and Phil Lester” An attendent called out. “Hello, I am Leena. And I will be your stylist for the YOU Magazine shoot today!” Leena was a petite woman with blonde hair with blue-streaks that complimented her grey-eyes. Dan and Phil looked at each other and walked briskly with Leena to the Dressing Room. “We have a wide variety for you to choose from. Make yourselves comfortable and I will be back in just a second. Don’t get too passionate over here, lovebirds!” She winked at the 2 awkward guys who laughed at the comment.

Dan’s fingers gently grazed the formal designer shirts that were hung on the hangers while Phil admired Dan. His eyes concentrating, his piano fingers grazing the shirts and the way his whole body just stood in concentration. Phil was snapped out of his never ending admiration vortex when Dan looked at him with his sincere brown eyes. ‘Pick for me and I will pick for you. Both of us will not look at each other until the shoot’ Dan said. “Are you sure? What if I pick something you don’t like” Phil nervously asked. “Phillip Micheal Lester, we have been together for 5 years I am sure you will pick something awesome for me to wear and I shall do the same for you.’ Dan said as he placed a gentle peck on Phil’s lips. He then left the room and left Phil with the shirts

Phil went over the clothes and tried to find something special. A shirt that would make Dan look breathtakingly beautiful. (As if he were not already) Phil went over the shirts. All of them looked beautiful but none of them was DAN. Then he laid his eyes on one that was at the end of the clothes rack. It was a black with formal long sleeved shirt with sleeves that were grey near the cuffs and had a silver tipped collar and had a lace design at the cuffs and it was beautiful. Phil found THE shirt. Phil covered the shirt with the grey sheet used for the tuxedos and put it aside and asked Dan to come back in the room. “Done already love? My turn.” Phil left the room to leave Dan to his resources and get them something to eat.

Dan was left in the room alone. To pick something for the love of his life. And this was hard. He wanted something that would bring out Phil’s beautiful radioactive eyes which is a near impossible task because for Dan; nothing compared to his boyfriend’s beauty. He scavenged through the shirts and mumbled several Nos to himself. Until his eyes met with a navy blue shirt with a black collar and a light rose-gold detailing at the end that somehow blended in with the navy blue and it was beautiful. Dan smirked and covered it placing it next to the one Phil had chosen for him.

Phil walked in with a handful of food which they devoured. Leena came back in and told them to hurry up and clean themselves off. She then started then started on their hair and makeup while they all chatted about the weirdest things. And then the moment arrived, the moment for them to change and frankly they were excited.

Dan and Phil went into their respective changing rooms and changed into their shirts and their formal trousers. “Dan Howell, you are up first.” Dan’s name was called out and Phil could hear him leaving the room while Phil was still changing. And admiring Dan’s selection. He stepped out of the room and followed the sound of instructions and camera clicking. Phil found the crew and then he found Dan.

Dan stood tall and confident against the white background and Phil was awestruck. The black shirt fit perfectly across Dan’s broad shoulders and had fit his lean figure. His arms, his brown hair and eyes. Dan looked gorgeous and he had his breath taken away. He admired Dan as he watched him smirk with his hands in his pocket and looking incredibly hot. Dan then started to adjust his sleeves and casually looked up to look at me and the camera flashed again. “Hold that Daniel, keep looking at Phil.” the cameraman instructed. “That would not be difficult” Dan said blushing as he looked at me. The picture was taken along with a few others along with one in which Dan was laughing while Phil made faces at him. That one was Phil’s favorite as Dan just looked so beautiful with his eyes crinkled and dimples like the craters on the moon.

“Phillip, your turn! Stand in the middle please, thank you!” The cameraman said quickly. Phil was terrified, absolutely terrified. Dan quickly grabbed him and pecked his lips. Resting his forehead on Phil’s, he whispered ‘I love you and by the way you look really hot in that shirt AND I can’t wait till we get home.’ He winked and walked away to stand behind the cameraman.

“Alright Phillip, pose or do whatever you want and give me variations okay?” Phil nodded and proceeded to smirk with his hands in his pocket. He looked behind the camera man to see Dan staring at him intensely. This gave Phil a sudden confidence boost. He was going to be incredible at this. He started casually rolling up the cuffs of his sleeves staring down at them seriously and that became a picture. He did a few funny faces but his favorite pose that the camera had captured had been his sneaky glance at Dan. He was smiling to himself in the picture and thus the camera captured that beautiful expression.

“Very well done Phillip, now Dan come up here. We need a few pictures of the DYNAMIC DUO!’ The camera man announced causing the couple to look at each other and smile while listening to the applause and hoots they were receiving from their Youtube friends. This proud and reassuring glance became another picture so did a picture of them blushing. They felt more confident now. Now that they were being total dorks next to each other. They picked up random props and posed as though they were in battle and made crossed eyed faces earning a laugh from the crew but their favorite picture was when they were sitting down on a bench that had been placed and smiling proudly and then laughing with each other with Dan’s hand on Phil’s shoulder.  But one of Dan’s favorites was when Phil got up thinking the shoot was over and Dan still sitting on the bench pulled him down for a kiss which caused s synchronized awing to happen. The lovebirds just blushed.

In the end the shoot was over and according to both of them it went extremely well and the photos that were taken of them were not that bad. They picked the ones they liked to be in the magazine and kept the bench kiss picture as a special and personal memory for them to admire. Now all Phil had to do was to go home and see where Dan would take him. From memory to pleasure…

Are you phanfiction deprived? Does every phanfiction you read seem to be the exact same?

*high school scene*

"helo mi name is dan i am str8."

*phil enters*

"i no str8" sid dan

"i luv u fil" sid dan

"maybee i no str8" sid fil

"i luv u dan let do de bang bang"

Now, I’m not saying that phanfictions with these kind of plots are bad, because they’re not. But do you want things spiced up a little?


I’ve been writing a phanfic called “Letting Go” and so far it’s basically just angst angst fluff angst.

It includes Becky and Jessica, the first couple of chapters are kind of bad, Dan may or may not be depressed but yeah! Please go and have a read of that if you have time! :)

The Boy With No Number On His Wrist 1/?

Pairing: Phan                                        

Type: Mostly exposition but umm some angst

Warnings: For this chapter mentions of self-harm

Plot: In a world where a number on your wrist counts down to the day you meet your soul mate Dan’s never flashed more than a 00:00. However, when he meets a black haired boy with no numbers at all he starts to think maybe things are looking up.

A/N: Everyone has seen this prompt at some point. So this is my take on it. If anyone can find the original post please tell me so I can give proper credit. That is all thank you guys.

Dan hadn’t really known as a child why his wrist constantly flashed 00:00. He just knew he was different and different was wrong. Dan knew it was supposed to count down until he met his true love and that as it hit 00:00 it would turn instead into the lovers name.

Dan had never flashed anything besides the glaring 00:00. While it wasn’t unheard of it was rare. Parents gossiped, kids mimicked. By the time he was in 8th grade he had accepted it. Dan never understood however, he was angry and sad, why did he have to be so different? 

Dan just knew it was a sick and twisted system and no one would complete him eve if he yearned for it. His parents much like him were at their wits end. They just wanted him to stop being angry and stay out of trouble and be normal.

"Mum I’m leaving for school" Dan called pulling on a jumper and rushing out the door. He sighed shoving his hands into his pockets jogging and hoping to get out of the cool London air.

He entered the school pulling his hands out of his pockets. He stared down at the fresh angry lines across his wrist that were starting to bleed again. He couldn’t help but think he should have bandaged them as he noticed something odd. His wrist was flashing 00:30.

Dan felt betrayed. He knew it was a mistake and started slapping his wrist trying to make it go away. While Dan was not paying attention he bumps into a boy stumbling back and hitting the floor with a loud thud. He looked back at his wrist bitterly noting it was flashing 00:00 again.

"Oy I’m sorry, let me help you up" Dan looked up to the man who spoke with a thick northern accent. Dan stared at him observantly, he  had black hair and was roughly a year older than Dan. He couldn’t speak so he just nodded.

The man grabbed Dan by his wrist yanking him up. Dan winced at the pressure but still smiles thankfully. The mans eyes go wide looking at his hand which was smeared with blood his eyes immediately going to Dan’s wrist.

"You’re bleeding let me clean you up yeah?" Dan blushed but followed him to one of the schools washroom ignoring the fact he’d be late for class. The boy made Dan sit on the sink as he rummaged though his pockets for gauze. He bandaged Dan as fast as humanly posibble. As he did so Dan saw the mans left arm wrapped in the same gauze. The other was instead of flashing a number was blank.

"Oh by the way my name’s Phil" he said smiling brightly at Dan. Dan decided he liked his smile.

"Dan" he croaked extending his left hand to shake seeing as it wasn’t wrapped up.

"Nice to meet you Dan, hope to see you again but I must get to class" Phil smiled brightly again his blue eyes shining almost as bright. As he left the washroom Dan was blushing and getting Butterflies just thinking of Phil.

Our Crazy Little Messed Up Word (Chapter One)

Dan Howell doesn’t believe in love. 

Dan Howell doesn’t believe in life.

Dan Howell doesn’t believe that on a simple getaway, an escape from the cage that has become his everyday life, he could meet someone so peculiar as to give him the feeling of life again.

Dan Howell doesn’t believe in fate, but that’s hard to do once he meets Phil Lester, who cannot walk. 

The boy in the wheelchair.

Dan Howell is going to die.

Dan Howell has a set date and time when he is going to end his life.

And maybe, just maybe, in these last moments of his life, he can find a way to put his puzzle pieces back together.

But he will have to find them first.

Somewhere, in his crazy little messed up world.

That he never expected to share.

A/N: Hi there! So, this is an idea I’ve had for a while now, and i finally managed to put it into words. This chapter is a sort of introductory chapter, so I promise you all that the next chapter will be waaay better, and waaay longer! Also, this is a story i know that I will continue to write, and continue to love.

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Staying Up (Phan One-Shot )

Title: Staying Up (based on the song Staying Up by The Neighbourhood)

Genre: Fluff, songfic, reality

Word count: 975

Warnings: mental illness, insomnia

Description: Phil hears Dan pacing at four in the morning and becomes concerned. Dan tells him something that Phil never expected.

A/N: Another crappy, yet extremely fluffy one-shot. There will be another one of these at the end.

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Lost in the Crowd – Part 11

When you begin to see color, it means you have found your soul mate… unless you become lost in the crowd.

Word Count: 2.8K

Part 1

All Parts

Excerpt:  Dan was feeling a bit frantic as he was nearly running back to his apartment after his shift at work.  Laura had called in sick today, which had messed with the whole work schedule, and Dan had to leave late.  By the time Dan was able to text Phil to let him know he would be arriving late, Phil had already left his flat, which meant he would have been sitting outside of Dan’s flat for the last half hour.


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